Gold 1, Map 2 Relaxed Alliance Needs 1 Player Prestige 8500 and Up

IGN: Zerk 69
Line ID: Nate.Woods
Alliance: DH-DW

We are looking to replace 1 player that has taken relaxed to the next level. We are looking for someone active enough to join AW in a timely manner. We run Map 2, so your AQ champions are not locked in and you can finish much needed content. Please send me your roster in Line (Nate.Woods) for screening.


  • Berserk_NationBerserk_Nation Posts: 223
    Forgot to mention our preference is North American time zone.
  • Berserk_NationBerserk_Nation Posts: 223
    DH-DW has an opening! We are Relaxed, but not Retired. Placed Gold 1 and we run Map 2.
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