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Dimensional Dominion not working

Thestoryteller6Thestoryteller6 Posts: 153 ★★
edited July 2019 in Bugs and Known Issues
Variant 2, chapter 2.2. Dormmamu is supposed to gain unstoppable and indestructible when he lands a heavy attack. However, this is very inconsistent. Sometimes he gets both buffs. Sometimes he only gets one. And sometimes he gets none.

I have tested this out on Diablo, Hela, Superior Iron Man, Yondu and The Champion. The same inconsistency was seen in all fights. During one of my Diablo fights, for example, I opened with a party heavy and the 2 buffs triggered. But in my Hela fight when I opened with a parry heavy neither buff triggered. Later in my Diablo fight only the unstoppable triggered.


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