Havok and Power Shield - damage only for contact attacks

I’ve used my against cyclop’s power shield node at this month’s uncollected event quest 3.1
For his specials, only the hits that made physical contact inflicted damage, while none was inflicted for his energy beams. Meaning:
Special 1 - only the first hit inflicted damage
Special 2 - only the first hit inflicted damage (couldn’t tell if the attack bonus for “no armor up” was in effect)
Special 3 - didn’t inflict any damage.

(Don’t know if it’s relevant but he was unduped, and no synergies or boosts were active at the time)


  • xNigxNig Posts: 3,513 ★★★★
    Stop pitting family members against each other. 😂
  • Grid456Grid456 Posts: 9

    Havok’’s and cyclops’ energy beams and energy damage don’t affect each other

    Really? Didn’t see anywhere it’s been mentioned.
    Even went to the champion spotlight again, didn’t see it there either.
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