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  • KingKiahKingKiah Posts: 59
    I DO spend money
    I spend, I buy other random things and don't see a problem spending money on things I enjoy. However lately my spending has plummeted. Maybe 10$ every 6 months.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 19,944 ★★★★★
    I DO spend money
    Only noobs spend money to progress in game, those who don't spend r more worthy of those rewards than spenders, they r working hard, unlike spenders

    You really shouldn't make generalized statements like that. I'm not a noob. Spent quite a bit. Many of us are not noobs, or unskilled, and spend money. Probably best not to assume that people only spend because they don't put in the effort.
  • Deadbyrd9 wrote: »
    Why don't spenders work hard? I'm an occasional spender but I didn't spend until about a year of playing. I didn't spend $1 to do LOL easy path. I grinded everything I used to do the easy path

    Well u buy those deals/units or whatever u buy to progress, those non-spenders work on EVERYTHING they get, so spending make it easier so they don't work as hard as non-spenders obviously

    I respect people who don't spend money on the game, and I also am perfectly fine with people who decide to spend money on the game to help themselves out. Each person's situation is different: some people have a lot of free time and some have much less: how much effort they expend in this game is relative. I don't consider an fourteen year old that spends seven hours a day playing MCOC to be "more worthy" of what they have in game than a forty year old mother of three that can only spent an hour a day and buys unit packs.

    There is a sense in which someone who doesn't spend money should get more respect for their progress than I should for my progress given that I have spent some money. It is the same sense in which someone who cuts down trees with their own ax and builds a house out of logs should get more respect for their cabin than I should get for saving up for years to earn the down payment to buy my home. Which is to say, I'll shake the hand of anyone willing to do that, but if they say I'm less worthy of having a home than they do, I'll be ripping off that arm and beating them to death with it.
  • SnakeEyes69SnakeEyes69 Posts: 191
    I DO spend money
    I do spend here and there. I buy the deals that are right for me. It's my $$$$$ I do as I please ;)
  • RichiesDad79RichiesDad79 Posts: 876 ★★★
    I DO spend money
    I spend every week. Sometimes more if any good deals come out. I love this game and I play nothing else and have no other hobbies. So I spend for me AND my son on this game. I don't usually go crazy on it though.
  • I do NOT spend money
    I used to spend sorta. I've played since beta and have spent ~$150 over the span of a couple years, so you decide. But I haven't spent in months. Why pay for a broken game? I'll start paying when the evade bug is actually fixed, prestige is a distant memory, and the garbage champs are brought up to par with everyone else.
  • I do NOT spend money
    Regarding spending, I guess it depends what you are buying.

    If it is crystal based then you are paying for the same chance you get if you earn that in game. I would hope if you have paid for a special crystal rather than earned it, you should really stand a better chance of getting the featured thing, but that seems not the case. This is the Gacha principle this entire game is based on, the spin chance algorithm.

    Spending for resources I understand more, I played Marvel Heroes a lot recently, another free game where you can easily progress slowly without spending, but I spent on storage which is heavily limited if you don't spend. Cost me about a fiver. And meant I could store valuables without worrying about space.

    I will never spend on this game, not on any mobile game, they are too fickle and up and down to warrant it.
  • ContestOfNoobsContestOfNoobs Posts: 1,296 ★★★★
    I DO spend money
    MikeHock wrote: »
    I have not spent any money on this game. I have spent hundreds of dollars on other games. Some of the money I have spent has been on characters, but mostly it is for skins, which do nothing for my gameplay. They just add to the fun.

    My issue with spending on this game has to do with what I spend versus what I get. I never begrudge a good company from making a profit from a well designed game.

    1. This is a mobile game. Yet the prices are higher than what I would play for an entire game on a console or VR system.
    2. I can't buy what I want. At best, I can buy a chance to get something good, but the odds are always very low.
    3. The game is "free to play," but is it really? Some of the areas require a massive amount of energy, revives, and potions, even for top tier players.
    4. The game has been very buggy for a while, to the point where I question how much longer I will be playing.

    I wouldn't buy a poorly built car just to give the workers an income. If we all did that, then no one would bother trying to make a good product. We can report as many bugs and lodge as many complaints as we want here. But nothing speaks louder than money. If players continue to throw money at Kabam for next to nothing in content, that's their choice. As for me, I prefer to get more for what I am spending.

    It's a fair point. That said, There's a lot of people on here who "have not spent money on this game" but "want more for their money" at the same time ironically.
    If they're spending nothing then why aren't they expecting the same?

    The car analogy might fit this a little better if you went to the car dealership every day to get your advertised "free ride for showing up" but then complained because you weren't happy with your service or the experience...every day. Even though you have no intent on purchasing a car from them. Just a thought.

    people who dont spent dont deserve to complain.
    there are "deals" targeting torwards progessing.

    but you can also in time grow your roster by grinding arena to get shards and grow your roster and eventually being able to compete for champs

    "people who dont spent dont deserve to complain."

    Nonsense. People spend time and energy. If someone is unhappy that their favorite hero was nerfed into oblivion, that a certain mastery was nerfed, or that a certain bug hasn't been fixed for months, then yeah... people are free to speak up.

    Ok this and every other game has its fair share of nerfs, This is not the first time a game has nerf something.

    How about games like league of legends where they nerf people charcaters base don what they do or how they perform? did you spend time and energy and not happy because you cant pub stomp noobs?

    Or in overwatch where they had to nerf roadhog because he was 1 shotting people? now hes nerfed to oblivion so ima get mad because I bought the game and main him? but I spent so much energy and time mastering this character that I know his in and outs because the character is very powerful? Guess what? playerbase was pretty mad...and guess what? they still went with nerf and wasn't compensated for anything. Then again this game isn't built around to make money but to promote highest skill in etournaments and pro gaming. But hey you can always buy look box's with real money. that wont change anyway of how "you" play.

    how about the people who SPENT money to actually rank the champs and they got nerf? I ranked up my sw to 5/50 and they nerfed her because people spent money to actually upgrade the champ and for those who don't spent money and actually grinded for it I can understand.

    but that's what the rank down tickers was for. Kabam did the nerf for a reason and yes it did make an impact because a lot of people who spent money refused to spend anymore money and this REALLY hurt the games income. seeing it droped out of "highest grossing" from store

    Now guess what they did? they put out several good deals, gave people rank down tickets gave us compensation rewards. So they can continue making money.
    So you mean to TELL me the people who don't spend money have the right to complain where kabam wanted to do with there game? oh no what are we gonna do if people who don't spend money gonna effect people form kabams payroll? nope they could care less.

    remember when they was selling tier 4 class cats for $100 a pop?
    or when people actually spent 2500 units for a 4* crystal BECAUSE it was so rare and hard to get one?

    This game is BUILT around to make money and that's the bottom line.
    Stay Tune 5* bundle deals tier 5 catalyst, in the future.

  • The1_NuclearOnionThe1_NuclearOnion Posts: 893 ★★★
    Shrimkins wrote: »
    You make some valid points but it's all complete hyperbole.

    1. The "$40" 4* deal was for units. This is an important distinction because it is relatively easy to grind a large amount of units absolutely free in the arena.
    2. Not sure what "quests" you are referring to but unless it's 5.2 quests you definitely don't need specific champs. There are tons of champs now that can complete almost all questing content. Maybe you should hone your skills some more?
    3. Very true but what do you consider a "reasonable" amount of time? Is reasonable 2 weeks? 2 months? 2 years? Most of the vets in this game didn't have the luxury of monthly calendars, multiple arenas, master modes, and random free stuff handed out constantly. It took us a very long time to get a single 4*, now they hand them out like candy. To me, new players can easily progress much easier than what I had to go through.
    4. Bugs seem to be very device specific. I play on an iphone 6s (not a very new phone) and the game runs great. the last major game effecting bug I experienced was the double dash back bug which only lasted a couple of weeks. I don't see the "massive" scale that you are referring to.

    There is no hyperbole in what I said. I think you might be confused about the meaning of that word.

    1. The $40 deal included more than a 4* crystal, but I don't remember exactly what. It is irrelavant anyway. Getting a single piece of random content and some resources doesn't even come close to getting a full game for the same price. If people want to spend that much for so little, that is their choice.
    2. I said help me finish the quests. I didn't say I needed specific champs. Your cheap and immature shot at my skills is just a distraction from the real argument. Maybe you should hone your debate skills some more?
    3. What I consider reasonable is my own opinion. Whether you had a harder time getting 4*'s than me doesn't matter. Your original question asked whether we spent money and why. I am giving you my reasons, but they are just opinions from my own view. Did you start this topic to find out why people don't spend money, or did you want to take pot shots at non-spenders?
    4. Some bugs are device specific. Some are not. The board has new topics about them every day. If it runs great for you, congratulations. I didn't say massive scale. I said massive impact. Every update since 12.0 has caused me to change the way I play the game because I have to compensate for the gameplay that no longer works correctly. These aren't little annoying bugs that I could work around. These are major flaws that take make me lose fights because the game doesn't work properly, and Kabam has admitted that these are bugs.

    FYI - I started this topic, not that guy! :) I'm not that guy....
  • The1_NuclearOnionThe1_NuclearOnion Posts: 893 ★★★

    Nonsense. People spend time and energy. If someone is unhappy that their favorite hero was nerfed into oblivion, that a certain mastery was nerfed, or that a certain bug hasn't been fixed for months, then yeah... people are free to speak up. [/quote]

    I agree with you at this point. I may spend a little but it does indeed suck when you DO spend for something to have it changed later. Essentially "that's not what I bought".

    Insert additional car dealership analogy:
    You buy a new car because it goes 0-60mph in 5 seconds and still gets 35 miles per gallon. You think, "this is a decent amount of acceleration while saving gas so a good deal for my money." Then 4 months later the manufacturer updates the car computer during your maintenance that reduces to 0-60 in 10 seconds to get you to 42 mpg gas to be more comparable to other cars. That negates the reasons that YOU decided it was worth your money in the first place.

    When people CAN spend real money in a game, Kabam should be careful not to do the same thing or people get bitter.
  • I do NOT spend money
    i did not spend money on this game and I still enjoy it. My progress is pretty slow since I am a casual player but I am perfectly content. I spend most of my money on cosmetics each month :/
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