Does Kabam adjust the game speed? or is it lag? or bad servers?

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as topic ask?
I noticed it for a long time how some fight are very slow, some feel are normal speed, some feel sped up and some fight are just insanely fast, like how enemy can go right then charge you and hit your block 5 times in less that a second.

If kabam have a variable speed settings then why do they not say so like how they advertise nodes?
just put 3x which mean 3 times as fast or 2x, 0.75x etc
I find it annoying, my guess, it is kabam servers problem as normal or faulty programming AS NORMAL, but wanted to ask what you think or if you heard kabam mention something about this before?


  • We don't adjust any game speeds within the game. If you are experience performance issues in the game. Please head over to the proper thread below and fill out our provided template to give us more information so we can investigate any issues you meet:

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