Dungeon Dilemma

Sooo, we never thought it would happen but the 5* Dungeon Crystals are looking quite good. I have 100%ed all acts except Act 6 (which I have only done an initial completion of the first quest) and am wondering what crystal I should go for. The three ones that I am feeling are exceptionally good are the Death, War, and Evolution crystal. (I'll provide reasons for each.)

Death- Could be Ghost or Heimdall (Both could help with Act 6)

War- Ægon and Magik are both great characters but Ægon could help a lot and possibly get me an initial clear in LOL.

Evolution- Quake, Old Man Logan, and SENTINEL (basically only want Sentinel because I can easily do Variant 3 with him.)

I know this is an EXTREMELY long post but I know lot’s of great players hang out here and I really am seeking knowledge from everyone. I’ll post my current roster as a comment.

Dungeon Dilemma 1 vote

Death Crystal
Zivior 1 vote
War Crystal
Evolution Crystal


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