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Need a new alliance for 2

Me and my friend are looking for a new alliance after a poor result in aw season. Both capable of map 5 and have experience in gold 1-2 war.


  • DdawgDdawg Posts: 7

  • We are replacing a few. Frogchef1 is my line id. Frogchef in game
  • WaddaboutmeWaddaboutme Posts: 127
    Hey mate. We are looking to replace exactly 2 members. We finish map 5s daily and get about 130-150mill per week. Finished gold 2 in war and sit around tiers 7-10. If interested we’re called
    Filthy Animals.
    Hit me up on line if you’re interested: waddaboutme
  • silentagsilentag Posts: 401 ★★★
    If you’re still looking, op, we have a couple spots we’ll be opening up if you want to check us out. My line id is silentag if you wanna chat.
  • OnkyOnky Posts: 326
    edited August 2019
    Hit me up on line, onky707

    Hey there.

    We are gold 1, on the verge of plt4, running 54444 and 55444. we are pretty relaxed, I only ask that AQ and AW are taken care of, everything else is your pace. You will be tagged if needed. No donations, no minimums ,no drama. We are running 54444, we move fast, everyone does their part. We are all pretty much veteran players, lots of crazy skill and knowledge.we hit 400-500k for SA, most alliance event milestones reached. I'm very involved and organized. Really are a great group. Im looking for 2
  • exeexe Posts: 56
    If you are still looking add me on line : chintu1337
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