KORG SP1 Timing?

Is that changed? Bc I swear to god I was easily dodging before last update and now it became %50.

KORG SP1 Timing? 33 votes

Yes I’m having same issue
DeeparviJank39ZzzShadow_PhoneixDrPepper_75gforcefanX_Factor_AgentKalantaktheMercenarySuman_sahACtfz35BabyMiikeWebsnatcherDribble 13 votes
No it’s still same
Whododo872MagicBentonBENJI830Lvernon15LilMaddogHTWîndšpäveDTMelodicMetalCupidshashankchromeBear3LordRaymond3B_Dizzle_01Markg25Tony886ItsDamienEtjamaMsyounus1288FreeToPlay_21Thicco_ModeMasterChief1176 20 votes


  • theMercenarytheMercenary Posts: 118
    Yes I’m having same issue

    Never learned how in the first place 😎

    That’s more comfortable for sure. But after you somehow managed, not dodging becomes annoying :S
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