Boss Rush 2, a way to beat every boss

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So the new boss rush was released today, and i have to say that while it's not the most difficult piece of content ever, it definately can cause a lot of trouble to some people. I'll do my best to analyse what i did, and other strategies i thought of. This is just my opinion, if anyone has more strategies he is free to list them below.

Probably the easiest fight in there. Any champion can do it, as long as they can outdamage the regeneration. The mystic ward node might make it a bit more difficult if you are using a nullify champion like dr voodoo or scarlet witch, but the fight is still doable. The best options are probably loki or void, since loki can consistently steal all the furies and the regeneration, while void can reverse the healing.
FINAL SUGGESTIONS: Void or loki, if you can bring them both (void has potentially 3 other "uses" in the quest too)

A definately rough fight. There is a way to take her down using champions like hyperion or captain america infinity war with maxed out despair mastery, but you probably wanna look for other ways. Void is a strong counter, but the combination of her unlucky debuff and the natural decrease to your ability accuracy while fighting her can cause problems, since your debuffs might not be applied or replaced by fear of the void. Archangel works better, since the reduce to ability accuracy does not make the fight as random as it is with void.
FINAL SUGGESTIONS: Archangel, void

Spite actually helps you here, since you can't parry. You get your openings by evading special or heavy attacks. You can use MODOK, play really passively, let her build regeneration stacks and then hit her with a special 1, although i don't recommend it. You can probably taje her down with any champion, as long as you the regeneration does not get out of control.
FINAL SUGGESTIONS: Killmonger (class advantage, a way to get an opening with the counterpunch charges, 2 more potential uses in the quest)

The debuffs she applies to you will mess up the node that grants you a bar of power whenever she gets one, so be prepared to not launch many specials if you dont deal with them. Killmonger works great for the fight, any champion with bleed makes it easier.

Power gain for days. Sometimes he will not even throw his specials, making you eat a sp 3 in the face and dying. His health pool is not that high, so you theoritically could just bring a heavy hitter and do as much damage as you can in one go, and then revive. Doctor octopus and stark spider man can be options, doc oc in order to power lock him and stark spider man in order to chain stuns with his special 1. Gambit should be able to stun lock him too. The best stun lock option is by far hulk though, especially if you have void in the team too. Get in, try to get to a special 1. If you don't make it, revive with a level 1 health potion and try again. The moment you parry, the void synergy is going to kick in and give you 1 bar of power to start the chain.
FINAL SUGGESTIONS: Hulk (easier with void synergy)

You can try with any champion either playing around icarus or just going berserk and doing as much damage as you can with the enormous amounts of furies you are going to have. Killmonger with the void synergy works great here too, since he will often shrugg off the degen caused by icarus, allowing you to not care about the node, and to deal massive amounts of damage.
FINAL SUGGESTIONS: Killmonger (void synergy)

1. Loki (king groot)
2. Void (synergies, potential help against domino)
3. Archangel (Domino, potential use against inv. Woman or taskmaster)
4. Killmonger (Inv. Woman, Taskmaster)
5. Hulk (Symbiote supreme)


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    And done...
  • allinashesallinashes Posts: 414 ★★
    Thoughts on 4* LC for the Sym Sup fight? I flew up to this point and got my team wiped. I could do 4* Sparky but feel LC would give more room for error.
  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,519 ★★★★
    Thanks for this.
    Regular Hulk I assuming or Gladiator?
  • HzoriHzori Posts: 105
    Jaded said:


    And done...

    Who would you use for Domino though?

  • JadedJaded Posts: 1,842 ★★★★
    Hzori said:

    Jaded said:


    And done...

    Who would you use for Domino though? regen to worry about.
  • SidDDragonSidDDragon Posts: 752 ★★

    This team did it for me...fury was there to provide extra attack so I used him against quake
    Blade for KG and taskmaster
    Void for domino
    Starky for IW and sym supreme
  • Themis_xwsthsThemis_xwsths Posts: 225

    Thanks for this.
    Regular Hulk I assuming or Gladiator?

    Yes, regular hulk.
  • gforcefangforcefan Posts: 175
    I used KM and void for most also. But I did use Starky for SS. Parry, heavy, chain stun.
  • Themis_xwsthsThemis_xwsths Posts: 225
    TwmR said:

    How is hulk best stun lock option? He doesn't have 100% stun chance

    Yes, but with the void synergy he has a super easy way to reach 1 bar of power and enable the stun. Stark spider man requires you to get some hits in first, and even though you got the heavy for power drain, you might still die by a special 3 before you reach your special 1.
  • MorbidAngleMorbidAngle Posts: 809 ★★★
    Void and Sparky were MVPs here.

    Symb Supreme was tricky, but I launched a Spidey heavy off the bat, and drained his power and just taunted him every time a full bar of power was reached.
  • Lord2AwsumLord2Awsum Posts: 12
    What levels you guys running?
  • Priyansh7Priyansh7 Posts: 326 ★★
    I think hawkeye is an underrated champ here for symbiote supreme sp1 and power drain 😂
  • Bawa69Bawa69 Posts: 55
    guillotine (spam sp2) - king groot
    human torch (activate flame on before the fight) - domino
    nick fury - quake, iw
    doc ock - sym supreme
    domino - tm
  • Mr_Holl87Mr_Holl87 Posts: 60
    I had to use an entire team of four stars to do it, (minus five star Starky) and it sucked. I've been playing this game almost since launch and I've completed every boss rush and this was by far the hardest and most ridiculous. I've never come so close to giving up on a boss rush.

    Starky stun lock didn't work for me on SS. He refused to attacked me at the start of the match and dashed back every time. He'd gain s3 and throw it. If I survived by a miracle, he'd have ANOTHER s3 by the end of his first one and throw it again. TWELVE fights of this BS before I finally killed him. And Quake was cheap too. I will never run another boss rush. It's not worth it.
  • ChadhoganChadhogan Posts: 325 ★★
    Mephisto (every fight)
    Morning star
    Ghost Rider
    Sym supreme
    Awesome synergy team to power up mephisto it was a good side quest 20k 5* shards are definitely worth the 12 energy
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