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I'm looking for a new alliance to help me grow

I tend to be pretty active, have 7 4/40s, and a bunch of 3/30s. I'm mainly looking for a group that runs a bunch of bgs and gets good rewards...It's time for me to grow up.

In game name is Kestrelle, so look me up and let me know if you think I'm a fit. If it helps, I have line.



  • de_Kronenbourgde_Kronenbourg Posts: 58
    We are currently looking for members. Look up for de_kronenbourg on line
  • TacoDougTacoDoug Posts: 138
    Feel free to check us out. IGN: jfvalba
  • Da_King_LpDa_King_Lp Posts: 29
    we are active and complete map 4 4x a week and working on map 5 add dakinglp on LINE app if interested.
  • New alliance here atarted today HurryBack
  • Hitman0285Hitman0285 Posts: 47
    New alliance here with the cream of the crop from a 4.5 mil alliance. We are laid back but want to run 1-2 map5 a week, need to fill some bgs. Look us up ATA-X
  • I'm not sure if you found a home yet. But if not, I help run a tiered family of 14 alliances. You'd fit around the 4th lowest of our tiers, and be automatically able to move to stronger tiers as you grow. There's lots of experienced leadership, and a community of 200+ long time members that can help you develop your game.

    All in all, this is a pretty great system.

    You can read more about us on our website: bit.ly/mcocwag
    You can come chat with us on LINE by just clicking here: rebrand.ly/WAGRecruitment
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