24.3 is horrible

iOS latest update on an iPad mini 4. So there's lag and screens fail to load, crystals images don't load or when you open a crystal you can't see what you opened. Not saying this is the worst update yet but it's close. Not to forget the black ISO store is locked out. I'm sure there's plenty of other new bugs but it's only been 24 hours so I've only noticed some. Get your stuff together


  • Amazing_Demon05Amazing_Demon05 Posts: 2,831 ★★★★★
    dungeon store is also locked
    everything above 3* is locked
    mann i was gonna buy a 5* crystal tomorrow after getting 1000 more artifacts
    hope so they fix the dungeon thingy easily and quikly
  • Hey there, if you're having performance issues on iOS, you can share the information in the iOS performance thread here. We are also aware of the issue with the Black ISO MArket and will keep everyone updated on the status of the issue here.
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