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  • Niftycra wrote: » @Kabam Miike Killmonger is the worst at getting his s2 blocked. Please look into Killmongers sp2. Thanks! This. It started after the last update. I went from landing his sp2 90+% of the time to getting blocked the majo…
  • It’s a daily occurrence now. Ridiculous.
  • So pitiful. It has gotten so bad that they even gave up on compensation for all the problems. Too many problems to keep track of for compensation purposes.
  • Pitiful. And still no compensation for all the time we lost to overheating and server problems.
  • How does this happen? I just got a message to claim my free crystal, but the game is still down. Not enough that they lock us out, but then they torment us?
    in Game down Comment by FabiusBR July 31
  • Alienbj13 wrote: » How long do these normally last One lasted eight hours a while back.
    in Game down Comment by FabiusBR July 31
  • Sometimes I start an Arena fight and get distracted and don’t start fighting back until my health is half gone, but still win the fight. Losing an Arena fight is a new experience for me. I don’t like it. So, I’m letting Kabam know.
    in Sad, sad day Comment by FabiusBR July 27
  • Thanks for the encouragement, Ice. And CFree, I should have won all three fights. That is my frustration. I never lost matchups like that before. Now it has happened in two of the last three arenas. I don’t pay much attention when grinding the …
    in Sad, sad day Comment by FabiusBR July 27
  • It wasn’t a death squad. I know how to avoid those. It was just a hard match with a juiced AI. I started the first fight with a 40 hit combo and lost more health during the combo than my opponent. Went downhill from there. That is different. …
    in Sad, sad day Comment by FabiusBR July 27
  • Hehe. I’m not sure who is ruining the game faster - Kabam, or its band of trolls who inhabit these forums defending its greed. You guys are pitiful. You won’t be missed.
    in Sad, sad day Comment by FabiusBR July 27
  • And it doesn’t really matter what is causing it. If the arena is going to be intense fights all the time, then it is not worth playing. There was a time when I could literally fell asleep playing the arena and still win the fight. Now, every matc…
    in Sad, sad day Comment by FabiusBR July 27
  • Don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. I have 226K PvP wins. I know the arena and they have changed it. It happened after the 19.0 update came out. I have a huge roster and don’t run anything weaker than 2/35 five stars in the featur…
    in Sad, sad day Comment by FabiusBR July 27
  • Don’t get cocky, Aria - especially when you’re wrong. It is broken. I’ve played multiple perfect series in the five star arena since the event started. It is registering no score for me and still has the red banner saying that I have to contribut…
  • Losing connection in the Arena. It happens sometimes after selecting a match and it happens when loading fights. You get a spinning circle and eventually a message that your connection has been lost. If you shut down the game and restart then y…
  • This is extremely frustrating. I do most of my playing in the evenings. The game is more frustration than fun now and getting worse by the week.
  • We’re a retirement Alliance with 17 members right now. We run one BG war and open map 2 in AQ so that our champs aren’t tied up and it’s free. We expect 10 to load for AW, first come, first served, but otherwise everything else is optional, inclu…
  • As someone who has played the game since Dec. of 2014 and who had all of the God tier champs before they were nerfed, my observation is this. The game was much more FUN back then. I was in a top Alliance, doing AQ and AW every day. Now, I have hu…
  • Doing the same. Five atar arena to get top 10% and the shards. But after burning through 60k shards for four Blade feature crystals, 50k more since then for basic crystals and opening ansix star crystal, the best I have to show for that effort is …
  • You mke an excellent point DrZola. The biggest frustration now is that we have little ability to control our progression through allocation of time and resources. I awakened my SW in the four star arena and then devoted all mystic resources to i…
  • That may be the biggest change that I’ve seen recently. The pace at which they are making our champs obsolete is increasing quickly. Much harder to keep us with the difficulty of the content now.
  • 4*s are about as useful as 3*s now. And most five stars are not worth ranking up past 3/45. The sad thing is that they could add some excitement to the game easily. Start buffing some of the old champs. Their usage data will tell them which cha…
  • Just sent you a friend request in game.
  • Teed up my first five star team for an Arena run and game goes down. This is getting really old. This game is getting to be more of an irritation than fun.
  • Force close and reopen your app. Smae thing happened to me. That fixed it.
  • Force close and reopen your app. That fixed it for me.
  • I opened four and got junk.