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  • StealthASSASSlN wrote: » @Kabam Miike I have maxed MD and only got 60 units. I didn’t claim anything can u guys have a look at it. Thanks. You have to submit a ticket, bud. The forum moderators can’t do anything about it. They can only give…
  • CFree wrote: » I don’t agree with it but they are making a distinction between cores purchased for yourself and those gifted to someone else. You own cores that you purchased with units and they were refunded with units. You also own cores purcha…
  • xxgonzoxx wrote: » I don't understand. I purchased a bunch of mystic cores for a friend of mine last year during the gifting event and he bought the same amount for me but i only got mostly loyalty. I purchased the the gifts with units and so did …
  • So for those of us that received the loyalty but not the units and submitted a ticket, are we going to get the units refunded before the new war season starts? I’d like to put my MD up to 3 before placing champs. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious @Kabam W…
  • In-Game Name: wyattclifford Device and Model: iPhone X Device Operating System: 12.0 Cellular or WiFi: WiFi and cellular (Verizon) Game Version Installed: 19.1 Game Mode: All modes Description of the Issue: Phone gets very hot as soon as game …
  • Overheating is definitely back. It isn’t as bad as it was with the 19.0 update, but it’s worse than it was after the hotfix. My iPhone X started heating up as soon as I opened the game after this 19.1 update. Get on it, please, Kabam. @Kabam Miike
    in Heating Issues Comment by WC303 July 30
  • Still no word from the mods on the bug from earlier? Way to communicate, Kabam. Did my sarcasm come through? Just making sure.
  • So it seems you’re back to rolling out unwanted and untested updates, Kabam. I agree that AQ needed a bit of a refresh, but adding bleed and poison immune opponents (Sentinels) along with minibosses that require players to bring bleed immune champs …
  • That fixed it. Thanks, bud.
  • Pr0t0t7p3 wrote: » Yes, see other thread. Uninstall then reinstall game fixed it for me and others. I’ll try that now. Thanks!
  • Thanks for the info. Appreciated.
  • Yeah, I have a 4/55 Blade, sig 75, and a 4/55 SL, sig 61. I also have a 5* Tech Awakening Gem that I’m saving for Sparky. I don’t have Medusa.
  • Seriously. What is this garbage, Kabam?
  • Aaaannnd...still no response from any mods. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I submitted my ticket on Friday, 12/8, and I received my vague response on Saturday, 12/9. It's now Wednesday, 12/13, and I'm still waiting on my compensation.
  • Kabam Zibiit wrote: » Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in response about compensation. I can confirm that anybody who fought Ice Phoenix on Uncollected difficulty, prior to her Signature Ability level being lowered, can send in a ticket to our Su…
  • So are those of us that used all our revives, potions, and units to beat her before you nerfed her going to get anything back for our trouble? Don’t worry Mike, I won’t wait for an answer as I’m sure we all know what it is. -_-
  • AnomanderPurake wrote: » yeah I was ready to drop $100 for the class I needed. I might spend $10 now Agreed. I was all set to drop $100 for a 5* Skill Awakening Gem. No way I’m spending that for a “chance” at the class I need.
  • LiquidButt wrote: » WC303 wrote: » GroundedWisdom wrote: » WC303 wrote: » Working as intended, eh, Kabam? You would have won had you hit 100%. Yeah, I’m aware. That’s not the point though. So whats the point? T…
  • GroundedWisdom wrote: » WC303 wrote: » Working as intended, eh, Kabam? You would have won had you hit 100%. Yeah, I’m aware. That’s not the point though.
  • Working as intended, eh, Kabam?
  • I see so many people complain about the war format in the global chat and on LINE. Where are all those people? The only way we can possibly get them to make changes is to let them know, en masse.
  • The1_NuclearOnion wrote: » Gamerscandie wrote: » The1_NuclearOnion wrote: » Gamerscandie wrote: » Someone wants to give me his account is this illegal for kabam ....don't you mean that this "someone" wants to "switch devices"? …
  • We just need 3 players to round it out. 10 mil+ alliance. LINE is wclifford.
  • Another one falls through. Had 11 guys that were supposed to come over today, but it didn't happen. So looking again. Message me on Line @ wclifford. Please speak to your alliance beforehand so plans don't fall through.
  • _LivingDeadGirl wrote: » So much for apple os being the #1 platform for this game. Not that it was every actually true it's simply a device issue. The issue in this case is you bought an overpriced device with half the capabilities and hardware of…
  • PaleHaunt wrote: » I am here to agree with this and add some. This game is BROKEN on the iPhone X. The block / dash forward is a HUGE problem. The SP button not working is bad too. The borders on the sides are terrible, and the entire format has b…
  • I have to say that I’ve been playing on my iPhone X since I got it on Friday, and I noticed this at first. However, I realized that the game seems a bit smaller than it was on my iPhone 6 Plus even though the actual screen is the same size. The spec…
  • Still looking. Talked to a couple of great players, but things fell through. Looking for 10 or 11 solid players to come to us. Line is wclifford