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  • You will learn that those units are better spent grinding in the arena for the champs you want. An Odins vault nets you a ton of points.

    The featured crystals are a total waste.
    in Drop rates? Comment by ADDZZ July 2017
  • You'll need 8-8.5 mill to rank in the top 25.
  • He isn't all that great for defense in any form. I've brought him along a few times.

    He doesn't need to be awakened though. His sig ability isn't a big game changer.

    He's a great champ for offense in my opinion
  • I have him 4* and 5*. He completely sucks.

    His charge up ability is worthless. After 5 charges it takes way too long to get more, you always get hit and therefore interrupted. And 5 charges still makes for mediocre special damage.
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    I have 12 5*, one is duped. That's my point. 120,000 shards and almost 2 years of work has amounted to 1 useful champ (magik, not even duped) and 11 worthless arena fodder garbage.

    Great game you've got here kabam.
  • A guy on Reddit just opened 4 featured 5* crystals and got

    2 yellow jacket
    Ant Man

    The game is total BS lol.
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    I don't understand the point of them then. Please explain it to me. Why does the development team spend its time creating champs that are essentially useless?

    All the bugs in this game, and the slow rate of new content …
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    Over 50% of the 5* crystal is trash. You know it, I know it, they know it. For me it's actually closer to 70% but I'm being generous.

    Considering you need 5 times the amount of shards compared to a 4*, the pool of champ…
  • I completely agree that something like this is a great idea. However it points to just how poor Kabams attempt at "character balance" really was. The fact we have such garbage, useless champs in existence is proof enough of their failure.

  • We're a 3.5m alliance and have had 3 straight wars against 9m and 10m opponents. Complete BS.
  • The first 10 feature crystals I bought gave me two 4*, including the featured champ.

    I haven't got one single 4* from the next 40 featured crystals I've bought (6,000 units worth). So I stopped buying them ages ago. You'll learn that the…
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    Well then put better champs in the 5* crystal, or a better good to bad ratio.

    Tell me something kabam...

    If a champ is rubbish for questing
    Rubbish for AQ
    And rubbish for AW

    What exac…
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    So I look forward to seeing vids of you conquering quests, or AQ, or AW with Gwen. She's worthless.
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    Would it be hurting anyone to take those 2 champs out of the 5* crystal? Why bother adding them? Nobody will miss them...

    You know they're complete garbage.
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    I have red cyclops duped and no... It's not HUGE. He's average at best for everything except MAYBE AW defense (unblockable sp1 node).
  • Kabams perception of value has forever been out of line. This offer is no exception.

    However, I'm not sure if it's because of summoner appreciation month, but there have been a couple of unit offers that were very fair. I never spend uni…
  • Gwenpool. Not negotiable. I didn't believe how amazing she was until I got her. Wouldn't waste skill cats on anyone else.
  • I finished the whole of chapter 2 100% without any 5*. All 4* rank 5. I spent around 4,000 units including energy refills. But I'm a free player so I don't really care. Only did it because I had the units saved.
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    My SW is sig level 50. Having her sig level 1 is not an excuse to not rank her. 4* sig stones are so easily available in many quests and special events. Trust me you'll have SW at 99 sig long before you dupe your 5* magik.
  • If you want a tip for scarlet witch, run her in a team with Quake and Hawkeye. It adds 15% to her sig ability. If you can't do that team, run her in a team of mutants with critical rate synergies (more crits = more buffs).

    Doing either o…
  • I have 5* magik at rank 3 unduped

    I also have scarlet witch duped at rank 5

    Scarlet witch is the better champ. By far. If your magik was duped it would be a closer decision, but I'd still go scarlet witch. I use her in every …
  • Having another r5 won't save you in act 5 chapter 2.

    Unless it's a r5 Visa or MasterCard.
  • Loooool oh man wait until you reach act 5 and tango with our mate "The Collector". You don't know what unavoidable damage is yet my brother.
  • Seriously the rewards for this chapter are terrible. The entire community agrees kabam. Can we get some additions to the reward pool?

    This is the first quest content where it's literally not worth 100% exploring.

    I had to spe…
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    It took a few pages but finally someone gets it.

    We're investing literally 5 times the effort and time to get 5* champs as opposed to 4*, and there are only a handful of 5* champs that don't feel like a total "downgrade…
  • I can tell there are a lot of people here who haven't been playing since the beginning...

    For those of us that have, the trends are disturbing.

    Anyway, I've said my piece so I'll leave it for everyone to debate.
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    don't twist my words. There are legitimate concerns about what kabam is playing at here. I have a stacked roster of rank 5 4* champs, and the odds of getting a useful 4* are vastly greater than getting a useful 5*, even if you don'…
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    There are 36 total in the regular 5* crystal.

    Go play a high tier in AW and report back, you won't see many of the champs I mentioned on offense or defense.

    If you think gambit and hulkbuster are great, you …
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    You know what's hilarious about arenas? Most of those horrid 5* champs I mentioned are only good for that. So we're getting a bunch of 5* junk champs to use to grind more 4* in the arenas. How backwards is this stupid game lol.
  • If you want to maximize SW buffs, get as high sig as possible and run this team:

    Scarlet Witch
    +2 others that have crit rate syngergies

    Hawkeye and quake together add 15% to abilities. So SW ge…
    in Scarlet Witch Comment by ADDZZ June 2017