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  • Kabam Miike wrote: » This is definitely for more end game players. If the idea of taking a chance with 3 Catalysts to get one is iffy to you, then you're probably not at a place where this would make sense for you to use! WOW Mike you wrote it... C…
  • Some of the thing in life we need to experience before we can say how it works. I have noted that this 30-minute timer was very good in many ways. I managed to move a quick 5 fight before midnight and be rested sleeping like before, it is unhealthy …
  • Contact apple or google they will help. Maybe you are not the only one out there and similar another case like you. Did I not buy unit to max my Mystic Dispersion spending 4650 unit. I buy the unit with money and now thinking of the company to chan…
  • If the validity is true and the advert said that the champ should be there but in reality, it is not there. This is a false advertising and the fault is from the company who legitimately declared at first. This was like a champ after reading and pl…
  • the game slowly grabbing our time of work. men introduce a game not on the advange of the rich and ppl having a lot of time. a Fair to everyone
  • They hacked the company. Global attacked
  • using VPN? does it mean i can be ban. To exploit the real meaning if I play with my vpn transferring to 5 country while log in the mcoc account can i be ban? IF yes then they wrongly banned right.
  • yes Blade. ON the above can you put your confidence MIKE that the characteristic of the champ will not be nerf? Before everybody uses their unit and many will buy unit yet the account is not ours at the end. I ask this Mike because we should buy wha…
  • Exploitable loop. of course it is. but money spend before the nerf do you return it? No you will not. fare enough to say Here is the money you buy for the burger because we get it back use the money to buy something.
  • NO POINT BANGING AND BANGING. WE all need to stand as ONE and Talk to Kabam. nothing happen if we will not do that.
  • Kabam waited for all money use How? by unit we buy. now introduce another champ for player to buy unit and nerf it again.
  • NO skill in this game. How can a skill applied when they can revive thousand time to kill a champ. BUY BUY BUY revive revive revive and done. Buying is not a skill? hahaha.
  • Honestly kabam when we buy unit or a champ using our money, you stated the account is a property of kabam. Let me be cleared pls used RENT and Not Buy. Summoner infront of use the account is not our as stated. Spending money as a lot do. On your con…
  • Can you justify that a player played for long hours, buy unit, and the t4 class a few week ago to bring this up ranking and leveling. Now you nerf the champ why you did not said before so hundred player are not misled. I wish the big player can help…
  • Always the ingredients is sell this and that. Now the key is for sale. No more a legitimate playing like buy buy and win. To be honest let the poor player and rich be equal in apportunities. Kabam but unbiased favour for you rich player. Thank you.
  • After your champ now Kabam will bring more champ to defit your present champ the around new champ again. wake up guys and girls.