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  • Vision and like cage are your best Cool. Would you recommend ranking either of them to R5? Lol when are you planning to rank 5 anyone? Resources is part of the issue.
  • I voted Colossus, I figured he really needed it.
  • Vision and like cage are your best Cool. Would you recommend ranking either of them to R5? I think Vision, Iceman, Spider-Gwen, and Luke Cage are all worth r4. Of the four of them, I personally would take Iceman to r5 first. Iceman is current…
  • I've done Save the Battlerealm Beginner through Heroic 100%, I've 100% Heroic on Avengers Forever, completed one run of Beginner and Normal on Avengers Forever. Already 100% the first three infinity stones quest on Beginner through Heroic. I've also…
  • For best gameplay have the latest device. I know I have an iPhone 6 and it still works well, but may get a new phone next year. I'm surprised someone didn't post a picture of a credit card as a joke.
  • I have 50 5* (plenty of them duped) and still don't have Iceman. Jealous of him in your 5* roster. I'm surprised to have a character that someone with 50 5* doesn't have.
  • Heres mine Is this an attempt at a brag post/thread hijack? It could be seen that way, but at the same time everyone is free to comment and share their rosters.
  • On a positive note, extra time to rest for those who are finished with a lot of content.
  • Heres mine Very nice! I would certainly like to have Void (5*), SL (5*), Hyperion (5*), Ghost Rider (5*), Yellowjacket (6*), Medusa (5*), Gladiator Hulk (5*), Domino (5*), IM:IW (5*), Red Hulk (5*), Venom (5*), Hawkeye (5*), Quake (5*), and Yel…
  • Congrats! I'd like to get him even if not duped just because he is a champion I don't have even as a 3*, but know a 4* would be better.
  • Appreciate the hard work put in.
  • Focus on Vision, Spider Gwen, Luke cage and iceman Alright.
  • Vision and like cage are your best Cool. Would you recommend ranking either of them to R5?
  • Next week! Thank you @Kabam Vydious !
  • Here I have two screen shots of 5* Mutant Champs. One of my roster and one from a friends. Now my question is.... Why is the available champs not the same? Sabertooth for instance is in one but not the other.....Why?. We are a couple of friend play…
  • If non-UC, yeah that's above mediocre. If UC ones no that's meh If non-UC, yeah that's above mediocre. If UC ones no that's meh I'm not definitely above mediocre.
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  • I am wondering who to upgrade and what questing, aq aw teams should be I am a new player and am just getting into the game. IM: IW , Quake, Venom, Morningstar, or Angela are all good options.
  • Hey all, Dungeons will return next week! New dungeon crystals will appear then as well. Miike has returned...for those who saw RichTheMan's recent video asking where Miike was. LOL
  • Now it appears there will be another F4 Character and an Atlantean character. I feel it will be Sue Storm...I think this only due to the fact that Reed Richards is the leader of the F4 and should naturally come last. Hopefully with Reed we will also…
  • Monthly Event Quest Rewards do need to increase as the game has increased difficulty and as the game continues to grow and change.
  • I may or may not go for him. Just have to see what the news is on him in the forums and on YouTube.
  • Curious will he go for lower than Ronin did in the arenas?
  • I'm still lacking a 6*, but then again I need to complete Act 4, Act 5, and the rest of RTTL as well as LOL. On the bright side I started the year with 3 5*s and now have 8 5* and halfway to my 9th one. I'm also excited as I am Lvl 59 and started th…
  • If time allows I may go for a 3* Version. Still don't have Corvius Glave and hoping from round 1 to get Proxima. Who knows maybe Corvius will drop via RNG, I get Proxima from Round 1, and get Cull then I will be at 3 of the 4 Black Order Members. I…
  • Appreciate the response. I think I saw the video, but it has been a while and my 4* roster has grown quite a bit since then and want to try my hand at obtaining a 4* from the 4* Basic Arena.
  • I may go for him in the second round as I'm trying first for Proxima.
  • Champion would be in the low 2 mil range...u should get him at about 2.5 I definitely need to max out some more of my 4* champions so as to make doing the 4* arena not as long as a process. Currently it is easy for me to get old 3* champions with …