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  • I feel your pain. Out of more than a hundred available 6* champs, I’ve pulled 6* red cyclops three times so far.
  • Saw that, too. Made me LOL.
  • That works. Thanks!
    in Why is this Comment by Brou April 2020
  • Same here. Already claimed (stolen by Deadpool?)
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  • There is a summoner named Platinumpool, but they aren’t quite as shiny.
  • That’s painful. But not quite as painful as pulling 6* groot.
    in Painful 😖 Comment by Brou April 2020
  • 1.5 million is a pretty safe score to get the 3* featured champ. I try to grind at least 1.2 million every time the new champs come out and have been able to get nearly all 3*.
    in 3*versus Comment by Brou April 2020
  • If you haven’t finished the monthly event quest yet, the heroic and master levels reward t4cc fragment crystals. Same with the master level Barons war quest for followers of the ancient one. Probably not the easiest way, but if you complete Labyrinth of Legends, you will get two full science t4cc.
  • From what I’ve observed, when ice tempest is selected in the pre-fight ability, the persistent charge will appear as “0” during the fight. If lightning tempest is selected, the persistent charge will appear as “1” during the fight.
  • I like both darkhawk and sinister. But as other people mentioned, DH needs a high sig level. And you should also keep in mind that DH works best if you have the synergy team with Night Thrasher and Ghost Rider.
  • MM = Ms. Marvel? Miles Morales? Mole Man? Either way, go with Corvus!
  • I understand that everyone’s situation is different, but I’ve been able to get plenty of t3cc just through the daily 22hr solo objectives. Hit all the milestones and you get 10 t3cc fragment crystals. Get the 1-10% rank reward and you are awarded 2 t3cc crystals. Of course, no guarantee that you get the class you need. All…
    in Increase t3cc Comment by Brou April 2020
  • Emma has great overall utility and her immunities in diamond form can save you so much trouble. Otherwise stealth spidey is my second choice. HT is also good, but you already have rhulk and void ranked up and may want more diversity in your roster.
  • Blade was my first r5 and helped me clear a lot of content. Many people think he’s overrated, sure, but he’s still pretty useful especially if you have synergy team (GR, Mephisto, Stark Spidey).
    in First 5* r5? Comment by Brou April 2020
  • Voted Surfer. Rank who you enjoy playing. This is a game after all. And Surfer’s not too terrible if you learn to play him well.
  • Same problem with me. Can’t sell alliance potions and have several about to expire. What a waste!