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  • I think the reason you've seen and will continue to see compensation posts is because they've utterly failed to actually provide compensation for -most- of what's gone wrong on their end in the past few months. What they handed out for the Alliance …
  • Do we honestly think that they don't have redundancy built into their server farms? It already looks like they use Google's cloud service to serve up parts if not all of the game content. There's probably some older hardware but not much more than …
  • While I agree with you in principle - players should know when rewards expire and that this happens regularly - I also feel that he has a very large right to be angry, as we all should be, about how these rewards have been structured. This has been…
  • I feel there was a severe lack of clarity surrounding these tickets. My understanding from the communications provided was that those spending money on the Deadpool offer would have access to all of this month's Deadpool arenas, not just one ticket …
  • I don't understand why there's a giant argument here. F2P players can join the Deadpool arenas without paying. They can buy Pools gold crystals with units (earnable for free) and get a golden ticket to the arena (with luck on their side). So not onl…
  • Not sure that pic of AA is a bug. Every block/parry has a chance to proc Poison. In this case the parry succeeded but the poison didn't. So you'd potentially see a critical failure almost constantly when fighting domino with AA.
  • Wow. So much whining about the roster. Plenty of champs on that list that are decent. Maybe you suck at playing them, but that's not Kabam's fault. Get better.
  • No dev/designer is sitting around the Kabam offices, or any other gaming office, talking about ways to make terrible design decisions. This is an idiotic comment to make. These guys try to create cool, unique, interesting and balanced new characters…
  • So it seems a lot of people seem to be lacking any forward thinking here. My assumption is that in addition to this crystal being changed, they're likely also looking at how they plan to introduce a 6-star crystal, and plan to market that as the new…