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  • Some heavy attacks have multiple hits, GR heavy does spin as you mentioned but is technically 2 attacks so someone can hit you in the middle. The best (and easiest) way to pull off a heavy is to parry them and then use your heavy while they are stunned.
  • The key point in your post is: "you can still mess up and get hit" With everyone you mentioned, in order to power lock permanently you still have to parry, intercept etc. to be able to hit them whereas with the Gwenpool exploit you just keep spamming heavy and there's nothing that can be done so it was an exploit. Now did…
  • If you have a budget of £30 a month, why don't you save that for 2 months and then you will have £60, enough for the £50 offer. I get what you're saying about the cost of the offers but if you're willing to invest money monthly then you should just save it all up and wait for the offers to come out and then you should have…
  • If will only be another 3 months where they add 6 champions and then I think they will have caught up so will then become 2 new champions a month added to the basic crystal.
  • Nothing has been announced yet but I would still expect it to happen. It might start on the 18th (after the anniversary week) for 2 weeks.
  • If you mean sig stone, then yes. 5* sig stones should be part of the rewards. This is a monthly event so I don't think a 5* AG (especially generic) should be in the rewards.
  • I have a theory about this (I might be way off though). It seems to occur (at least for me) when I evade too early. It's almost as if due to the timing of my evade, the AI hasn't registered that I evaded and therefore expects the heavy to connect and so the animation appears to lunge across the screen. That's loads of…
  • I agree with you about using different champions, a few are used 3 times, so let's at least have a diverse AQ. That's interesting about the champions rotating, maybe with the up coming Modoks Lab quest they are trailing this system to see if it works. It would make AQ slightly better if you were facing different champions…
  • At a minimum, the rewards have to be better than master. So it needs to at least contain 2 t4b, 1 t4cc, 7200 t2a shards and about 3000 5* shards. Hopefully it will contain a couple of t1a as well. This I think is the minimum rewards so hopefully they will be better but we will have to see. Not long left to wait though for…
  • I'm surprised no information has been datamined yet, it makes me think we've got another 10 days (or whenever the current quest ends) to wait before anything new appears.
  • They should add shards to the AQ exploration rewards. I also think the arena needs an update, maybe the chance to earn 3 at different intervals of milestones upto 2.5M.
  • I would say the featured as it contains 5* champions not currently in the basic crystal. But buying any crystal should be done with caution as they have terrible drop rates.
  • It would be nice to get a response on this. Like you've said DD they could run 2 at the same time but we've also had short quests before for similar reasons so we could end up with a 2/3 week quest. Bear in mind that with Xmas and the anniversary coming up, we may have events like the gold realm, halls of healing and even…
  • You're looking at supply and demand like a shop with unlimited supply, yes if you buy in bulk you get a discount. You should look at these items as more like stocks and shares in a company with a limited supply. The more you buy, the more popular the item (and also now fewer left available so slightly rarer) and therefore…
  • They already have a QA team. We're the QA team...
  • I think these events were put on last year so I'm hoping they will be run again this year. Now maybe not the whole month but I would expect at least a 2 week period which includes these sort of events (maybe 3 different events that rolls over throughout the 2 weeks).
  • Purely cause there's missing champions that are good and no option to choose other, I'm gonna go for X23.
  • If it was a 5* AA I would have said him, but as wolverine is not available as a 5* I would rank him up 1st. Wolverine is the heal king and will help you get through so much content.
  • Not started yet, come back in about 6 hours.
  • I thought the bug was something to do with her fury buffs not expiring. Fixing this would not be a nerf and shouldn't warrent a refund. Unless I'm miss informed about what the actual bug was and they did nerf her in some way.
  • I seem to only ever pull skill cats, every time I use some I pull some more so I always seem to have skill expiring in my stash...
  • The problem now that 6* are around the corner is are we to expect these champions won't be released as 6*??? Some people claim its their power (although there are bad champions also not added and also really powerful champions that have been added) but this just isn't true. Why can't we get an official answer that actually…
  • Yeah this is my concern also. The majority of players want defender kills to be returned in some way to make AW more skill based again and not predetermined before the war has even started by diversity. I like the idea of diversity but it just doesn't work without defender kills. There has been no official comment as far…
  • How many does it say you have in your crystal stash? None of your screenshots show how many of the crystal you have, only that you have collected them.
  • Probably coming as the reward for full exploration of act 5 along with chapter 4 possibly next month.
  • I've been lucky over the last month and have pulled at least 4 4* from phc crystals. I think my last before that was about 6 months earlier so I don't think the odds have decreased since 16.0 I think people just go through a long period of bad luck. As much as I agree that the drop rates are terrible, phc shards are easy…
  • There's several champions with this hidden ability, i know drax can use medium (and possibly light) attacks against Mordo and I'm sure there's a few others. No idea why but it would be nice for an explanation and an official list of which champions can avoid the astral evade.
  • I've just tried my unduped iceman and every time I lost the armour, the timer started and then the armour appeared again once the timer ended.
  • It will be interesting to hear from a mod as to whether there is still an issue but it could just be blamed on the RNG. I triggered a bounty mission about 5 minutes after maintenance finished. This is a perfect example of why you shouldn't have events linked to a random way to activate.