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  • @VandalSavage I totally agree. I play this game to have fun. That group wasn't for me. They created a sour environment. I just want the rewards I deserve. That's all at this point.
  • @andrade5184 yeah man I revived and spent glory to finish one of the final map 5 lines and I finished a last line in AW before the boss nodes and they still kicked me before rewards. I'm not worried about it though. If get some compensation that'd be great but I'm content.
  • @Rydertheblack I understand why I was kicked. I was really letting them have it. However, I felt I was being ganged up on over something that really shouldn't have been a problem. I knew I was leaving or getting kicked. I just want the rewards I helped them get. I was top 5 in SA this week.
  • @UnsaferBinkie7 Ah man. Sometimes we get the short end of the stick. If that's me so be it. I'll get my champs back eventually and join a new group. @andrade5184 it was my 4th or 5th AQ with them so I guess I don't understand you.
  • @Rednick69 I have not found a new group. I'm going to take a break for the day. My top champs are stuck in a AQ and AW still so I'm pretty fed up with today. lol I'm working on joining a new group. I need to take a breather though.
  • Ah one more thing. When someone gets kicked they should get their champs back. I wouldn't want my old group to benefit from my placement. If this is the case I should get the rewards I deserve for sure.
  • @Rednick69 Also, if I'm finishing the map and making donations and event requirements there no reason to give me trouble. Some people like to abuse the pretend power they have as an officer. This is a game. Have fun.
  • @Rednick69 I understand. All I have to say is I didn't start it. I didn't say much either in the group. I usually stayed quiet while they bickered amongst themselves. The environment they created was sour. I was there for maybe a month. Sometimes if they were rude I'd brush it off. Last night I didn't feel like brushing it…
  • @IAmNotUrMom oh Cyclops Blue. I do have the other one 4* :) he's weak though.
  • Well they wanted me to cheat and I didn't want to. So I fought through AQ the old way which meant not force quitting. They told me to use my f'ing head and a whole bunch of stuff. This morning I told them I don't have a time machine so I can't fix it. (Didn't matter anyway because I finished that map to a point where I…
  • @IAmNotUrMom GR and Mordo are 4/40 thanks man I really appreciate it.
  • Oh my bad the last one is 4* Ghost Rider sig lvl 43 4790 @IAmNotUrMom
  • Honestly I forget how to calculate it. Maybe you can help me? 4* Elektra sig lvl 30 5/50 5844, 4*Cyclops siglvl 99 5/50 5842, 4* Hyperion unawakened 5/50 5216, 4*Mordo sig lvl 13 4819, I have 3 potential 5/50's or 3/45's waiting. I'm not that strong I've come to realize. Maybe link me to a place where I can calculate…