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  • depends what content you plan on doing next, if you need to do LOL then its Aegon without question if not LOL then id do Magik for power control or symbiote supreme for his buff killing.
  • if your in the beta @Aggresssor just click the beta icon and it will show you the countdown timer until the beta starts. I check about 2 hours ago and it said 7 hours left until the beta starts. Hope this helps
  • Thanks again yall, this is my first time doing a beta so this is all new to me,,,, but also who and why are ppl flagging my posts....REALLY?!?!
  • Thanks guys and I did search spider gwen she hulk beta test but didn't see anything other than the initial announcement or else I wouldnt have posted this question but thanks for your responses even the wise A$$ ones
  • I have been experiencing connection issues every since the Thing update. I haven't had these issues before the update but regardless of game mode or time of day, using WIFI or regular data (4GLTE) this "Problems Connecting to the Network" have been popping up everywhere in-game. If it helps i have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9…
  • also don be surprised when they don't answer this thread on why the same champs are back in this new crystal...just ignore it until it goes away that's Kabam's motto
  • So lets put in the same trash champs that were in this current featured crystal into the next one too...the community will love it (says 1 kabam employee to another) Great Idea!!!! why not put our worst 5 stars in the basic pool and just keep them there for every featured crystal going forward....BRILLIANT!!!!!!......C'mon…
  • WOW, so many over privileged players feeling entitled to free stuff because they play a game they ENJOY playing. Technically Kabam does NOT have to do anything if they feel so, how bout we chill out and see what they do in the coming 2 weeks before we start a lynch mob. By us as a community overreacting at nothing gives us…
  • his prestige is really high and he has good synergies plus he good when duped which doesn't help you know but in 10 years when you finally do dupe him then your set....LMAO
  • I'm casting my vote for Hawk-eye, He is actually an amazing champ who doesn't get the love he deserves. He can hit OK hard, he bleeds and when duped can have a really good bleed plus that power drain on his L1 is insanely useful in numerous situations. So yes Hawk-eye is the MAN.
  • i haven't done the T4B arena in a long time but when i did run it, my infinite streak was... Fights 1-6 lowest PI 3 stars 6-13 1 bottom lvl 3 star and 2 maxxed 3 stars 13++++ i used nothing under rank 3 4 stars the exact same as i use for the 4 star basic arena....hope this works for you and if you can report back so i…
  • @godsquad891 dropping knowledge on someone for no reason who by his statement seems to know exactly what sig levels are what LMAO LMAO LMAO
  • Where i don't disagree with your take on this matter and do very much agree having a place to practice against the harder champs to fight would be awesome especially if you could node them up with whatever BS fiesta nodes you want Kabam will never do this due to the fact if we all get really good at fighting the clown…
  • I still to this day run heroic & master for the rewards and i'm lvl 60 450K roster & uncollected, every little bit helps this isn't a game you start playing and 2 weeks later your running Labyrinth of Legends, sit back grind what you can and chill, your in it for the long haul lil buddy,.......everybody wants something for…
  • Slow Down @Strikerrx8 you have 27 days to finish uncollected, this game will break your will and wallet if your not able to be patient. Also don't have your hopes set to high when finally opening that 6 star because chances are KABAM........ P.S. patience is the KEY to this game if your not 100% pay to win/rich
  • AA that's great if you have one but i only have a 3 star AA any other champs work well...and for the champion Nullify champs are whats needed here to nullify his furys so he dosent go unstoppable on you I.E. Scarlet Witch Dr. Voodoo should work very well and they have the class advantage
  • I LOVE LOVE my Blade but the damage i get from Sparky is unmatched. When i need high damage and Blade isn't a good option Sparky goes to the rescue not to mention he is super fun to play and that L2 BOYYYYY! that L2 does WORK!!!!!
  • I'm having this same issue, I just ranked 3 my 5 star venom and took him into the Symbiotic event quest Epic difficulty, against an 11K Spidey and he evaded like I didn't even have True Strike so I then took him against several spider men in story mode and every single one had there evade work just fine against Venom which…
  • Honestly i agree with this post...its crazy that running uncollected and the quest crystals give 125 iso or even 75 when you are clearly an advanced player with a stronger roster; like what is 10 of the 75 iso going to do to 5 star champs honestly....i don't even open my quest crystals anymore unless i need 1 or 2 75 iso…
  • IDK but i find it weird that everyone found this fight that hard....i used 1 40% team reveive to get him down using 4* SW, 4* Thor for his L1 stun, 4* Gwenpool, 5* X-23 R4, & 4* Capt. WW2 just fight him like AV because of the tenacity and intercept him bait his L1 evade first part block 2nd beam....his regen isn't nothing…
  • I couldnt agree with this anymore man....just keep on pulling eventually it will get first 4 pulls on 5 stars were she-hulk, iron patriot, iron fist and hulkbuster and a few other ok but not great champs which is going to happen with how many blah champs there are in-game but lately i have duped Blade, pulled…
  • Yeah he definitely hasn't run into them yet...... just be happy @Jyotishka your running act 4 now as it has been nerfed big time especially that Jugg you will run into ...and just evade YJ L1 you wont have worry about the biosting.
  • When in time did they ever announce rank up gems dropping in Modocks lab????????? are you all sure you know what a rank up gem is???? Modocks lab drops signature stones and its only a % chance to drop not guaranteed so theoretically you can run every lab quest and not get a sig stone....God Bless RNG!!!!!!! lmao
  • or you may never get Blade...I went 2 years without pulling a Star Lord it took the arena in Jan. this year where i had to grind both rounds to acquire and dupe him....there are just some champs and or classes that wont drop for certain players God Bless RNG!!!!!!!!!!!! B)
  • My Fav Mutant is X-23 great damage output strong bleed and regen. I have her 5 star rank 4 unduped and do not regret it. but there are so many good mutants it is hard to choose
  • Well you're going to have to take this one on the chin contacting support for this game will just get you more aggravated all you will get is some generic pre-written answer that most likely wont even have to do with the problem you are asking just suck it up and hope you pull that champ again really…
  • Whats wrong that looks completely fine to me....Kabam!!!
  • No more featured crystals for me .....Only Basics from now on and did it pay off opened a Stark Spidey last night from a basic.
  • Do half of you actually remember how great he actually was?????? Yes i would use him in every piece of content i could he was an amazing champ; granted there are more useful champs for certain things but man was he great