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  • (Quote) The Real Question here is, Why do people Flag Posts like these?
  • (Quote) Sneak 100
  • (Quote) Quake, just don't dex and you will be fine. You need to know how to play with her tho
  • Do you have the rest of the trinity(Ghost rider and sparky? If you have them Ranked up( like 4* rank 3 or above, that you can bring them to your Quests, and to AW and AQ? I would go with him,if you don't go with Scarlet Witch. At your state on the g…
    in Rank up Comment by Waboba April 2
  • (Quote) Infinity war had also a set with hulk breaking out of the Hulkbuster armor, so yeah..i wouldn't trust 100% on the lego's but i think its pretty much confirmed that Professor hulk will be coming to endgame.
  • When it comes to auto fight, i don't need my champ to dex a whole special attack, to parry a vast amount of times etc, i just want for auto fight to be consistent, because some times i see my auto fight Evades Like cap marvel's sp1, does a five hit …
  • (Quote) It has also been confirmed by Some lego sets that Professor Hulk will appear in the movie somehow, and That Thanos will have some type of sword.
  • (Quote) Thats what time travel is xd.
  • (Quote) Ay, just an heads up, The trailers only have the first 30 min( or 15, i don't remember) of the movie. The Quantum Realm suits, might come later in the movie, so idk why they are put in the trailer.
  • Hoping for The Rewards to be as INCREDIBLE AND ORIGINAL as the quest sounds to be ;)
  • (Quote) Or just Susan ;) I think no one in this game is or will be Called Susan, so its also an option.
  • Ok..This is getting tough bois.. SSIW or IW will have to do it ig.
  • (Quote) (Quote) Too much.. SS Looks alright, people always put cap before IW too, so calling her IW isn't that big of a problem.
  • (Quote) He is the character that will be coming out In this update. Annihilus.
  • (Quote) Iron man and superior Iron man. Cap marvel and Miss Marvel. Magneto and Magneto marvel now. These are some examples.
  • (Quote) He isn't happy Lols, this is from a gif, it means that he is like: What the hell? Thats my guess at least. I give this meme a 3/10.
  • (Quote) On it, cheers mate
  • (Quote) Ay Once you rank 5 him,post some vids on yt or Here, i want to see his potential as a 5/65.
  • (Quote) Im still waiting to get myself a VTD, i can see by @Ahitlaw 's posts that he is an absolute unit of a champ.
  • (Quote) No that applies on him at every star. don't bother ranking him up unless he is duped, because his sig ability allows him to carry his combo through out the quest. His utility/ Dmg goes up upon his combo, just like star lord's ramp up. You on…
  • I’m kind of like the leader in here. I’m made of rocks, as you can see, but don’t let that intimidate you. You don’t need to be afraid, unless you’re made of scissors! Just a little Rock, Paper, Scissors joke for you.
  • (Quote) Sorry, read the discussion wrong, Go for AA, Corvus doesn't really need it, AA's aar is pretty good.
  • (Quote) Hey mate, this is a forum, a place to advice people on their game progress, discusss with other people about strategies and tips, point out problems on the game so the devs can get some feedback etc, its was already a bit pointless making a…
    in Meme Thread Comment by Waboba March 30
  • (Quote) Just because its a meme thread, doesn't mean we can't advise people on their game progress.
    in Meme Thread Comment by Waboba March 30
  • (Quote) Thats even worse, wasting that many units just for 500* shards and some intel. If that ever happens again, i advice you to,once your whole team is knocked down, restart the chapter. Give it some tries, once you feel like he has really low he…
    in Meme Thread Comment by Waboba March 30
  • (Quote) Eh could be worse, but he isn't worth past rank 2 at your stage. Until you have like a thicc roster, and you need him for arena then rank him up ig, but he doesn't have anything that stands up for him.
    in Venompool 5* Comment by Waboba March 30
  • (Quote) If you have to waste more than 200 units to only reach nick fury, complain because you can't play against him when he is unblockable, then mate... you shouldn't even bother with master. Don't push yourself with content, also wasting 200+ un…
    in Meme Thread Comment by Waboba March 30
  • (Quote) That wouldn't make sense since endgame only comes in the end of april... so mcoc can't spoil anything.. so in may there will be the endgame arc with three champs. Imma take a guess on them. Rescue, ronin and the endgame villian.
  • Big oof, thought mr fantastic was the second one.. at least it looked like in the February login screen.
  • (Quote) Mr fantastic will be the second f4 champ to be released. so probably him with someone else. Ebony Maw and Black dwarf have already died in infinity war, so no point of putting them in game. So for me it will probs be Mr. Fantastic and someo…