Compensation for the Issues that we experienced on November 8th and the rewards that were unable to be claimed due to those issues are being sent out via in-game mail on November 15. Alliance War season rewards will be sent out on approximately November 20. Leaving your Alliance prior to this will result in missing out on your season rewards.

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  • A similar test carried out with a similar rating Ultron (AOU) resulted in ~2.5 seconds stun duration for me. Again, this wasn’t the best method of testing lol. That said, the parry mastery appears to be working with full duration for me.
  • (Quote) It doesn’t actually, I have just tried a parry with daredevil (classic), who has a 40% perfect block chance, with max parry and stupefy masteries. Admittedly it wasn’t the most scientific of tests, but I counted ~3 seconds of stun duration a…
  • I’d love to see class masteries become their own section , like offence, defence and proficiencies, with there being more options per class (maybe two that are always active, and one that activates after using a special attack etc). It would be cool…
  • If void is already serving you well, and you need someone else for utility reasons, then don’t hesitate to rank up someone else. I would jut personally view Void as the best option of who you’ve shown for general use.
  • Teamwork Ability Accuracy of attacking champion is increased by X% for every champion with a tag in common on their team This works in a similar way to colossus’ armour up for every #X-men champion on the team, and helps the attacker, similar to t…
  • Even if we don’t get gifting back, I’d love to see a ‘match’ system, where you can ask others in your alliance to match the amount you spend, it’s not as beneficial as the gifting so I see that possibly being added rather than gifting
  • Not so much a setback as a lack of a step forward. In a game that is about competition and advancing, a lack of a step forward may as well be a step back imo. Especially when it’s after 4 months of collecting shards just to get a champion that offe…
  • (Quote) It clearly states that it is an introductory price. Not necessarily set to change, but the term makes it at least appear likely to change
  • Does heal block fall under regen rate modifications? It seems to me as if the argument could be made either way- it either reduces regen rate to 0% or prevents regen, rather than reducing it
  • (Quote) I’ll be honest, this was an overreaction on my part here, before I fully thought it through. In my opinion however, this does clearly put a mark on summoners as to whether they buy the sigil or not (possibly even becoming a necessity to join…
  • (Quote) The way I see this -purely speculation I will openly admit- is that they will make the deal more lucrative and pricey as time moves on, making a greater divide between f2p and p2w players. If this is the case, it does indeed mark the BEGINNI…
  • (Quote) That’s the problem. An offer is a rank 3 5* of your choice for £100. This is a subscription that offers what should arguably be available for free, for an ‘introduction price’ of £10 a month, which may well increase. My main worry is that th…
  • Basic 5* arena for VIP? Wouldn’t be surprised since everything else that’s been asked for is VIP
  • (Quote) My problem is the gold and item increase locked behind the paywall, which is arguably too far for a money based purchase. Apparently (I have not verified this) Kabam event 9 million off of this game last month alone. If that is the case, the…
  • (Quote) Yeah, doubling after a few months that have got players hooked is what I’m expecting honestly.
  • Let’s have £10 a month or the equivalent of £30 or even £50 in units a month. Then it’s fair for all imo
  • @Vdh2008 unless I am mistaken, there is content being locked behind the paywall, ie daily gold quests, a new daily event, and the black market. Content is being locked behind a pay wall, not just perks.
  • For anyone who feels that the outrage response is unnecessary, please do consider that this is essentially barring f2p players from competing at high levels by offering more items, energy, cheaper items etc. To paying players. I’m not going to purch…
  • (Quote) Nothing. That’s the point. To encourage spending.
  • In before anyone says ‘You still get the same rewards, but can get more by paying’ That’s the problem. This game already offers much more for money, and I’m fine with that. Hiding CONTENT behind a paywall is where I draw the line, and I hope you do …
  • It’s up now(Quote) 9.99 a month
  • Scarlet witch if you can get her to a high signature ability level is by far the best option imo. Spidey and AA are also great options, so it does depend on what you need. Hyperion’s sig isn’t that impressive for me in a 4*. Hope that helps!
  • I’m assuming you mean the super regen magneto, in which case any heal block, regen reversal or very high damage champion will do the job for you Good luck!
  • I was winning the -admittedly basic- four star champion when I was below level 50, for over 2 million points. As infuriating as it is to hear this, it is true in this case: play for longer and get stronger before you try to tackle arena. You don’t n…
  • No because it is unfair to players who don’t have access to the arcade game, let alone not being at all necessary. If I’m correct the best you can get from the arcade game is a 3* and 3* champs are very difficult to use in End game content, unless …
  • In a week fight symbiote spidey 50 times. Problem solved
    in Unfair Comment by Webby72 July 27
  • Instead of that, I’d suggest a class based 4 and 5* crystal- cost of a featured or 300 4* shards for a specific class. It may be too soon for a class 5* but I feel a 4* class based crystal for shards is way overdue
  • I agree there. IMO any champ that is difficult to obtain but can be - not necessarily is - obtained without spending currency (classic Ultron and immortal iron fist come to mind) should be stronger than average champs, but not as strong as the ‘god …
  • How exactly would maestro be overpowered? I would take an Ægon, ghost, Namor etc over Maestro any day as a 6*
  • Thanos is in the game as a 5*