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  • I started playing it a few days ago and got to Vibranium III today. What's up with all the 5-6M Valiant whale rosters in Victory Track? They're almost 2x my rating. I usually don't encounter them until Gamma or Arcane tier.
  • Maybe your perspective will change after you finish Act 6.
  • His move set isn't even hard to counter, but why does he have an aggressive node on when the AI is clearly passive? That wasted so much time
  • If you're looking to match against accounts without 7 stars in GC, then you may as well stay in VT forever. If you can't beat those accounts, why do you deserve to rank higher? The only complaints I have are the unnecessary tiers they added to VT and tokens required to advance.
  • Finally got to GC yesterday. Of course faced a 5.7M account first match under the Crit Me node. Lmao no thanks, just waiting out ranked rewards now.
  • The additional tiers has really turned this into a mind-numbing grind. In previous seasons, I would already be in Gamma 2-3 and just chilling on objectives. Also, there seems to be a lot more whale accounts trapped in Diamond - Vibranium tiers. I'm sub 3M rating facing more 3.5-4.8M accounts than 2-3M in Vibranium II. My…
  • Damn there goes the free monthly 3x energy refills :'(
  • Having the exact same problem as previous commenters. Loading screen of death followed by an instant KO after restarting the game. This is happening almost every other battlegrounds match this season. I used to be able to continue the fight with a reduced timer when logging back in, but now it's just an automatic loss for…
  • disconnected twice in two matches straight today while loading into the fight. I don't think they will ever fix this. It's been months. I've come to accept that it's part of the game now and since everyone is affected the losses will even out.
  • I'm in disbelief. @"Kabam Miike", it's become apparent that your team did not correctly identify the players affected. Why not just admit that it was an honest mistake and rectify? There are players who still received compensation despite finishing the fight with Aegon, so this is a load of BS.
  • Got a response. They are only compensating people who defeated her with a Mystic champ. I switched to another champ halfway through because she was barely taking extra damage from SS. Tough luck if you didn't land the last hit with a Mystic champ. This is EXTREMELY pathetic.
  • I did the "Easy path" in late Feb and didn't qualify for it. Guess it was only for those who 100%.
  • I'm frustrated like 99% of the people here. I have 7 paths left in 6.4, but am forced to pause on exploration because of T2A and T5B overflow, which means I have to let revives and energy refills expire. Why are inventory limits for rank-up resources even a thing when most people have trash 6* champs? Nobody should have to…
  • People who spammed the disagree button and think Corvus is still no.1 have not seen the health pools in 6.3/6.4.
  • Anyone who voted HB - Remember to look in the mirror when you're finding someone to blame for his defensive, whalemilking buff.
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/ContestOfChampions/comments/d61o75/4_void_wiping_floor_with_boss_rush_domino/ https://www.reddit.com/r/ContestOfChampions/comments/d640bv/3_proxima_solos_boss_rush_domino/ https://www.reddit.com/r/ContestOfChampions/comments/d62bj6/330_aa_vs_boss_rush_domino/ What's the issue?
  • Players should never be held accountable for using a legit strategy in the game. Kabam realized people were not spending enough units to complete 6.2, so they labeled her heavy attack mechanic as a bug. This post lacks so much common sense. Please, focus on completing Act 5 first. P.S: I immediately cheesed 5 paths of LoL…
  • Anyone who couldn't complete the quest due to the **** indestructible bug should be compensated nothing short of a quest completion and additional resources if there were subsequent attempts. There is absolutely no legitimate excuse to require us to redo the fight when the boss should've died after an sp3.
  • Not at all. I'm just asking in case their system has wrongfully banned someone for gifting a large number of resources.
  • Are you ****? How do you think all the non-spenders completed 5.2? You can get the same rewards as any of us from just beating the content. SMH, whiny **** always have an excuse or complaint to cover for their lack of skill.