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  • . Us as well.. we won the last war but because of the glitch in the system.. now it appear that we lost terribly and we can't join the next war. Guess it's gonna be a short season again.
  • same issue here, i've not even started and it's all 100% complete. Even when i tried to run the completed quest again, there's also no rewards beside the miserable chest which opens to 100 shards to a 2k crystal for a shot at a 2 star champ crystal.
  • what happens to unopened 5* & 4* evolution crystal after the timer elapsed in crystal vault in 7hrs time? I'm holding my opening till next SA. @"Kabam Miike", will it be forfeited?
  • i faced almost the same issue but this is when i was holding a block. my champ will release a heavy mid block.. and this only happens in AW.
  • it's still happening.. the same guy who's also able to pull of a 4* from log in crystal. some accounts are just plain lucky for reasons unknown. by the way, those who are getting great pulls are all "free to play" accounts and never spent a dime on this game beside the occasional 1 dollar 4* awakening crystal.. so i guess…
  • different thoughts though. i feel that this game is not really RNG but more on a player bias level. In our alliance we had a couple of incredibly lucky bros who pulled and duped their 5* blade, stark spidey, GR ,IM and all other god tier champ while the remaining of us gets champ like she hulk, IP, groot and antman ..…
  • makes no big difference who i get.. 4* is the new 3*..
  • what does [UNDER INVESTIGATION] actually means? We heard you but nothing is gonna be done?? this is just freaking BS. Mod still not doing anything about all the craps that players are experiencing. I'm just not sure how they could differentiate different part of the game. Monthly quest / Arenas all working fine but ****…
  • perhaps many players are using tablets or larger phone to play the game but kabam didn't realize that some users are still using old phones like S4 with a smaller screen. Do you know how small the character had changed after your adjustment? it's difficult to even see the character clearly when fighting Sentinel?
  • worst useless champ to ever get in the game. i have her 4* duped 3 times and 5* duped twice.. ****
  • guess our luck really suxs .. opened my BS 5* crystal and got she hulk and ant man and duped both of them recently as well. Ronan seem a hell lot better than these champs.
  • if pre 12.0 DS is back in action, i'll definitely up him back to R5. he's jus messing in the arena now.. but doubt it'll ever happen. There're already quite a numbers of DS thread and obviously kabam is not going to do anything
  • i freaking thought i was playing like **** today in AW... can't parry properly, can't evade properly.. feeling bad for letting my alliance down and so it was another glitch as always. it's okay kabam, take your time.. we players will just get used to it as always.. it has always been this way since 12.0 ..
  • guys, it's pointless.. you can create 100 or even 1000 posts with the same title and the only ever feedback you're gonna get is "we're still consolidating data". it has already been months since 12.0. i've given up hope that DS would become great again.. i have him at 4* 4/40 sig 65 but he's only used in arenas.. DS = The…
  • trust me, the compensation is next to nothing. I've seen posts of players getting compensation that is of no use at all. By the way i got nothing and i'm not interested in the compensation as well.
  • i thought my phone was the problem.. I click on my special but got hit in the face back by the AI instead. thought my finger cramp or something.. lol
  • ever fought a hyperion in AQ that doesn't react to baiting? and his power surges is so fast that it just built up to LVL 3 in a matter of seconds? can kabam in anyway nerf that freaking Hyperion in AQ higher tier map but don't touch our champ? Anyway, it won't be long that Hyperion stays this way.. look at that crippled DS…
  • didn't even realised that it was a bug.. i thought they purposely made it this way so that we can spend more units.. lol
  • frankly speaking, i don't want to be compensated. I just want a fxxking functional game to play with. IS that too difficult to comprehend? kabam please get your shxt together and solve the problem and not compensate with shxt and keep the game broken..
  • All thanks to Kabam we lost an important player in the alliance. Now i'm also on the verge of giving up the game as well.. it's release after release.. bugs adding on to more bugs.. and you still have the courage to release offers in games .. who's going to spend? dream on ...
  • 6 weeks isn't very long, I've not seen a 4* in PHC / GOTG crystal since months ago.. it's all 2* nowadays but of course you have the choice of spending 15000 units for 1 4* and 1 5*... that's absolutely unbelieveable
  • kabam, at the very least let known what you guys are planning to do about the crashing. We've lost fights in AW / AQ because of the crashes. And we're facing issues with evade or parry not working properly as well. it seem a lot more difficult to do parry after recent update.. AI can launch special even when i pressed mine…
  • no worries, kabam is reviewing and collecting datas on DS. But how long that's going to take.. noone knows..
  • Already updated and I'm still receiving the 0MB download notice. Kabam mentioned that they're also gathering data for DS. It's a already months...... and nothing has been done to DS yet or even made known to us if anything is going to be done to make DS viable again.
  • crazy deal.. do you kabam really think that anyone would spend that amount of money on a game that just get more bugs and glitches after every updates?
  • Marvel insider states when the rewards will be release.. if i'm not wrong it'll come to you from 19th june onwards
  • nah.. i don't mean that.. i just thought there should be more 5* shards.. like maybe a few hundreds more.. note that i'm not even asking for a 5* crystal.. just more shards.. I'm not whining for getting freebies.. just thought that it could be better..
  • yes, it's free and you literally do nothing for these rewards. But come on.. not even 300 5* shards and a GOTC crystal that gives you nothing but a 2* or a title that doesn't give you any benefit at all?? rewards should be relevant to the development of the game.... ACT 5
  • the question was just when will this "don't push the button" end? I'm in no way going to press anything but just wondering if it's going to be over soon