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  • If awaken Mysterio gains poison faster if not armor broken (higher sig shorter the time).. parry medium medium to get poison charge, parry or proper spacing to counter with heavy opponents heavy.. Mysterio heavy has short range so be very careful.. or just parry and heavy
  • He didn't recommend them.. he stated by economy it is cheaper if you spend $4.99 for two cav nexus on Kabam Wed offer.. but if you grind arena for units.. one or two is ok.. since price goes up by each time you purchase cav pool crystal
  • Bought 1x cav nexus pool tier and got I pick new champion.. yeah I know probably going to regret it but.. now I have 5* Ms Marvel
  • Congratulations on Nimrod.. it sort of frustrating for me I can't seem to pull 5* or 6* Peni or Nimrod
  • I'm using this post to list the 6* I pull.. not making new post each and every time I pull a 6*.. that way I know what the trend is.. good or bad.
  • Nope.. I have 5* Goldpool (use mutant awaken on him and sig105), PlatinumPool (undupe, I could awaken him but feel its notvworth it).. rather use resources on other champions.. 5* Deadpool xforce (undupe until he gets buffed).
  • Kitty with Tigra and Ghost make her better than Quake (only 5*).. damage potential compared to 6* is not even fair.
  • You got two of the better science champions.. offense and/or defense in AW and battleground.. both need awaken and become better thou.
  • Wow.. you are quickly catching up with my roster and have some of the better tech champions I wish I had.. Nimrod.. Kitty is surpassing Quake and Ghost too.
  • Congratulations on great pulls
  • It all depends on size of your 6* roster.. if you have sizeable quantity.. and have the champions to rank3.. go for the tier5 class catalyst selector.. 6* nexus just gives you 3 choices.. no guarantees that the three champions are good or bad.. some lucky people get three really desirable champions while others get er…
  • Thanks to the free 30k deadpool doubloons and doubloons from deadpool arena. I got from the store: 25% tier5 class catalyst selector.. and some 6* shards for 10k 6* basic. sadly still missed out on tech champion (Hulkbuster) to Guillotine OG (awaken) could have been worse.. like Cyclops red.. more sigs in Thing would be…
  • Don't remember my 3* or 4*.. but 5* was Magik and I did not really like her.. thought her low health was bad.. but afterwards realized she had pretty good power control and her limbo almost regains her lost hp.. first 6* wad Ironman IW which took long time to awaken.. and having low sig level is not as good as I thought he…
  • Congratulations.. worth rank5.. and 6* is rank3 or 4 if you are able to do so.
  • Diablo or King Groot or Immortal Abomination have a word to say about it. LoL
  • Talk about unlucky pull.. all the effort to gain 6* shards for 10k basic champion crystal and pull a meh champion. more sig in Black Bolt who some say is good but he needs synergy to be ok.. without Hit-monkey he is okish. Maybe next one I will get someone better.
  • King Groot.. max 10 armor break Vision Aarkus also armor break if opponent is close to him
  • Omega Sentinel is a hybrid human android with robot abilities and human weaknesses.. unlike Sentinel, Nimrod, Nebula which are robots.. Nimrod and Ultron might be the better robot in the game (not accounting for prestige).
  • I find this rating system faulty.. it either paints the character as extremely good or extremely bad.. while I agree Claire Voyant is an awesome character, she doesn't always have damage or survivability, she has utility which you cycle thru.. and neither is she immune to bleed poison and incinerate at the same time.. she…
  • Antman with Wasp, Ghost and Capt America Sam Wilson is pretty good.. sad I only have 4* Capt America Sam Wilson.
  • I keep forgetting to note although the total number of 6* in roster is 97 (and counting), 47x 6* are from low % cavalier crystals [opened more 6* basics but just happened to dupe some champions more than others]
  • I grinded at least 300 units to get Cav Zero Tolerance crystal 47th Ebony Maw (more sigs) Was hoping for Peni Parker or Omega Sentinel but a 6* is still cool to pull.
  • Congratulations on string of good luck BuggyDClown!!! I'm after tech -> Nimrod or Peni Parker Not sure how others fare with the cav metal and mutant crystal and women of power crystal; Cav metal and mutant got me 6* Prof-X and Antman, while the cav women of power got me 6* Ms Marvel Kamala Khan.. still hoping to pull…
  • Miles Morales is good but pair him with [Spider-ham/ Spiderman 2099/ Symbiote Spidey/ Stealth Spidey] to make Spider challenge easier to complete.. Mysterio synergy adds 8% attack boost..
  • There are many other science champions that need awaken.. Immortal Abomination probably benefits more.. HT just gets few % that his pre-fight ability would be available again after using it the first time.. low % too.. Capt Beardo is awesome but needs to be high signature level to maximize his ability.. although sig20 is…
  • The 'Prime Sentinel Reprogramming' side quest got me more than enough 6* shards for 10k 6* basic champion crystal.. was hoping for new champion like Nimrod or Peni Parker.. but I am not sad with who I pull Corvus Glaive (awaken) I guess he is slightly more useful with his awaken ability. 'Fortune Favors the Lucky' -…
  • From women of power crystal.. a 6* is good.. equivalent to 5* rank4. 97th Kamala Khan Open two 5* basic champion crystal and got The Champion and Cyclops Blue (no picture needed). I need 250shards for 6* 10k basic champion crystal.. will probably get it when the side quest becomes available later today.
  • Not eager for 7* any time soon.. there are still some champions only available as 5*.. and not everyone has a sizable 6* roster that is ranked up, it is onky recent that summoners can rank4 and will probably be some more time before 6* can reach rank5
  • I have awaken Miles Morales, his camouflage miss mechanic is pretty good.. best vs Doom sp1.. sometimes you still get hit with sp2.. so try to bait sp1.
  • Finally pull 6* from Cav Women of Power.. 46. Ms Marvel Kamala Khan I guess can't really complain since it's a new champion.. she is getting featured in Disney+ 'Fortune Favors the Lucky' - Longshot