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  • Re: 15.0 Alliance Wars Update Discussion Thread

    This is more of an obvious cash grab than the collector fight was...taking out defender kill points let's people continuously revive and spend to win. A larger map and more mini bosses also means you will most likely be KO'd much more often. I like the changing of nodes and making the middle more difficult, but the rest of it is a step backwards.

    Why don't you make the AW maps similar to AQ? Tier 1-5 is a harder/larger map, tier 6-10 is the current AW map, and tier 11+ is an easier map. Have different maps based on the tiers.
  • Re: Thoughts on Upcoming Changes [Edited by mod for clarity]

    It's too soon. 5☆s have not been out that long and the gulf between the higher players and the average player keeps getting wider. The top players (and myself) feel that this is kind of a punch in the crotch as it essentially invalidates a lot of the work we did already to build up what we had and now the cycle resets and we're expected to do this all over again. 6☆s would have been a better suggestion another year or two out instead of so soon. With all the bugs and "lag" (umbrella term for a wide variety of performance issues) and still not having things like cough, cough, bases....it feels like a cheap money grab and NOT something for the players.

    They use the word "content" to sidestep the real issue, their track record says that there will be no real new content but just a slight variation of what we already do ad nauseam today. Yes, they have added some new "content" to the game in the last year but how NEW is it really? It's just a rehash of the same stuff we'd already been doing but with a minor twist. There really hasn't been any truly NEW content since they released alliance wars. I can spell my name 6 different ways and it's still pronounced the same and sounds no different to the listener, that is more or less what they've been doing after war came out, the same stuff spun differently.

    Now, one counter to that argument is act 5, that actually has been a pleasamt surprise with the new effects and such truly making for a different playing experience, and was mimicked in the spiderman challenge as well with the degen and health recovery by making damage. That's the kind of ingenuity that will keep people coming back and should be lauded, even if it sometimes makes you want to throw your phone/tablet across the room at times. Just adding another star and making the numbers bigger is perhaps the least imaginative way to stretch out the life of the game. Many players talking about leaving or complaining about this announcement are well versed in the history of kabam's practices and I honestly can't blame them for seeing this as an opportunity to get out, as this makes a player feel more like they are on a merry go round instead of traveling to a destination. I feel really bad for newer players as this kind of stuff puts them off from even digging into the content and growing as the progression is so slow, and the goalposts keep moving further away...almost over the horizon.

    For reference, I'm a 447k rated player and have completed all the content except for labyrinth (I have no desire to spend 5000+ units to complete it just the first time, let alone 100% it) and while I have beaten act 5.2 I'm not yet 100% (I'm looking at you 5.2.4).

    Right now, with the information we have, it just sounds like kabam is offering a new speaker that just goes to 11, and doesn't really offer anything NEW to the experience (I'm sure 6☆s will have some special quirk like 5☆s do with their special 3s, but it's still the same champs you're used to). Factor in that it's going to be even tougher to dupe a 6☆ than it is now for a 5☆ and it adds to the frustration as you're now playing with a degraded experience because of the progress curve again, because many champs aren't that great unless duped. Finally, I'm not looking forward to another rhino, or hulkbuster, or iron patriot either, becuase you know the majority of your pulls are going to be 'meh'.

    I sincerely hope that our fears are unfounded, but we've been let down too many times to spare the energy of excitement for this announcement as most of the time it's underwhelming in practice, and kabam usually oversells what they are offering with superlative language that the product doesn't quite back up.

    Alright, end of rant...

    Amen! Another problem is that they introduced a bunch of cruddy 5* champs and are just now finally giving us better ones. Look how many people's best 5* champ is a frickin IP. There were very few 5* champs that were actually worthy of taking to 4/5. I was lucky and duped my drax, but I also have a duped IP and IM who are almost useless. it's also difficult to dupe a 5*, so even good champs like magik and SL aren't at the god tier until you dupe them.