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  • @"Kabam Miike" I can appreciate balance changes and the wanting to make things "Fair", but when Summoners have spent hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars thinking they are getting a champion that is advertised a certain way, but then then learning it's not going to be that champion they anticipated that's hard to…
  • And... Not to mention there is (1) r3 6* in the world right now and you guys @"Kabam Miike" control the resource availability for r3, r4, r5. 7* are not necessary in any way and if they are announced I'll just roll my eyes...
    en 7* 6* 5* Comentario por Adman0726 diciembre 2019
  • @TheVyrus No need to comment if this thread if it doesn't impact you. I'll continue to ask - move along now.
  • @Demonzfyre That helps. I'm well aware he has not changed - but aware that he was supposed to change, and then there was all this back and forth and vagueness on how much changes and when the change would happen. So maybe by Jan-February... Makes sense. And I could care less if anyone disagrees with me, but if there's any…
  • I'm struggling big time with imiw in 6.2.5. I've done 100 percent up until there. Hard to parry with Hype on imiw which means he keeps regening non stop. Such a money sink..
  • @"Kabam Miike" @"Kabam Zibiit" @"Kabam Vydious" @"Kabam Lyra" @"Kabam Porthos" I have a significant concern about nerfing Cull Obsidian. Why? I spent significant dollars (and I mean significant $) dollars to aquire him as 6* in premium crystal offering. 1. Will there be rank down tickets? 2. How do you compensate summoners…
  • I personally prefer the champion diversity - keeps things more fun and forces you to use champs thst have cobwebs on them. BUT..... The nodes should be more manageable if requirements are stricter. Not rocket science.
  • Does it matter if it's imbalanced? It helps the guys with cull and namor. It doesn't hurt anyone else. I like it that way. If every champ had plus or minus 10 percent everything game would be boring 💤
  • @Mcord117 I agree. I think they got ahead of themself on this one. 6. 2 not 6.4 We'll see if anything is changed. TBD. @Worknprogress thanks for input.
  • Saw the video. Just confirming what I believed. Thanks @Worknprogress
  • @Worknprogress would you agree you can't block (or do much of it) to win? It's got to be dexterity in and out. It looks like Capiw helps not because of block proficiency but removal of unstoppable charges - nice to have but not must have.
  • @Worknprogress I'm not arguing that this become a whale game (it kind of already is) what I'm saying is that if there's a portion of game (final 10 percent) that can only be done by 1 percent of of players (and # units thrown at it doesn't matter) then kabam is leaving behind many people who would be willing to spend units…
  • @Samdroxtaar agreed. Change will come. I am more confident than not.
  • @FreeToPlay_21 kabam is a business. The whole skill based argument is flawed. They ultimately want people to spend money. If you're not good enough to remove 5 charges (I've done 3) then you should be able to spend units to win. All story content should be winnable (not saying easy) with unlimited units. Not case here.…
  • @Worknprogress I think it's clear act 6.2 requires skill but should it require so much skill that 1 percent of gamers can only get through 10 percent of final boss?? I mean common. And if you're kabam don't you want people throwing unlimited units at stories? But if you don't see a path to the light you'll stop spending…
  • @Haji_Saab dash out? Or dash in and out? Story content should be something if you throw unlimited units at you can get through. Not the case here... Any good videos besides seatin?
  • Kabam has to put out new champs each month - and some champs are better than others. When the champs are strong they make more money because people want them more... What's the problem with that? Also the balance side of this is so irrelevant - the only head to head comparisons you could argue balance against is War but…
  • I have r5 sig 200 domino and omega. Those are both the two best. If I could have one I'd take omega due to utility but domino has bigger damage... I also have a r1 6* namor and he's domino on steroids in terms of raw damage. I personally like him the best but if you had to have 1 champion (which is not realistic) it's…
  • I have a r4 max sig capiw and I cannot get past final 10 percent. Have spent 2000 units. Am done with all story content unless they change this node. My suggestion is once a charge is removed its removed permanently. I'm Gold 1 and can't get it done. You shouldn't have to be masters to play... It's a joke and not good for…
  • Stop whining. Change is good. We're all in same boat. You want to play the same nodes forever? "Shaking my head"
  • Domino is a top 5 champ in game. It's a no brainer and does massive damage. AA would be my second choice but is best champ for anything that bleeds and can be poisoned (must be awakened. Thoughl). And 3rd choice is Venom. I might consider Venom over AA if you play against a lot of IMIW in war or spider nodes and if AA is…
  • @DNA3000 is entirely correct. Sparky is better.... IF you can builld poise charges quickly and not take damage. Pros would take him over blade but I would r5 blade over sparky because sparky is not easy to play and not take damage. With blade being duped its a no brainer over KM.
  • And btw. He's the best bleeder in the game. Maybe AA is better but he's top 2
  • I have both 5* duped each r4 and each duped around 100 sig... I'm debating r5 them both... Blade is the obvious choice for LOL but I think VENOM is better for AW due to crushing Imiw and any Spiderman node or boss. I already have r5 Medusa, R5 domino, and r5 omega and venom, blade or capiw is my next. Very tough call but…
  • I have both as r4. If you want offense and synergy flexibility go with sabretooth. If you want defense go ironman. Ironman still good on offense but not like ST
  • @Orangie Makes sense, but you also need to wait until someone completes AcT 6 to get more feedback.... right? I already have r5 domnino, r5 medusa, and r5 omega red so it's not a life or death situation. lol Who would be your gut on selection? I was thinking about r2 Killmonger because that's where the game is going, but…
  • @axelelf_1 I have r4 5* sabretooth with 110 sig. I usually put him on AWd defense on mini boss with regen node.... I also have a maxed out 4* void too, but not 5*. I also can run unholy trinity with my KM 6*, sabretooth, void, and also have a 6* Winter soldier synergy for KM... Tough calls here.
  • @Speedbump 1. why would you chose 6* KM? I'm asking you because you seem to have good experience... 2. What would be the order of rank up preference after KM?
  • @TKS87 good feedback. It's a struggle. Everything you said makes me wonder about corvus... I don't run suicides so that probably makes you think capiw is an even stronger choice... Omega red is enticing though - he can flat out melt guys at high sig but is tricky to play.