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  • (Quote) Great vid!
    Yes, people who used him said before the buff went live that his damage would be reduced. That's what we got. In exchange you got reliable heal block in sp1 and armor break on heavy
  • T5cc in glory store is nice to have. Basically allows you to r3 champs faster. Other then that, nothing changed for me. You might get lucky with cav daily crystals, unlike me.
    Also better deals/gifts on Christmas/black Friday/July 4th.
  • Top 5? Rly?!
    Better tech champs:
    Fishbowl head
    Doc oc

    Top 9 best case, and it's not even guaranteed (pun99, triangle man, darkhawk, hulk buster are al…
  • (Quote) You can't heal block time stream with debuff, iirc
  • I ranked corvis for tb. Looks like you already have the title, so I wouldn't. I mean, he's good for aw/aq, but bad in act 6. On the other hand, he makes aq fights short, wich is a good thing. But he he should work as well at r2.
    As for ag — I…
  • (Quote) In top alliances - maybe, over all player base - maybe even less imo. Quake is not like ghost for example, who can be played with similar success without insane skills in most fights.
    en Howard Nerf? Comentario por Aleor 5 de abril
  • (Quote) So if they buff quake so she doesn't require as much skill and more people use her, it would be ok? Regardless of what the 5% of players who mastered her say
    en Howard Nerf? Comentario por Aleor 5 de abril
  • (Quote) I didn't even care to know about it, but smbd said they liked it, I don't see any reason to doubt that.
    Duck was mostly used by people, who didn't have better options, I guess. A lot of characters are lame. Say he's your first 6* and …
    en Howard Nerf? Comentario por Aleor 5 de abril
  • (Quote) From htd description:
    "Button Masher Extraordinaire

    Rapidly pressing the Block button at different times in the fight grants Howard special MASH! Bonuses. Each MASH! bonus requires more presses of the Block button than the …
    en Howard Nerf? Comentario por Aleor 5 de abril
  • (Quote) Lol what? We definitely can. Anybody who can read his abilities can do that.
    He's basically another parry/heavy champ, wich is super boring. As for his utility, this 10% power rate reduction is nothing big compared to normal power lo…
    en Howard Nerf? Comentario por Aleor 5 de abril
  • (Quote) I'd rather say you use an entry to start the quest. So it's not like entry is lost, it is used already
    en Odin tier 10 Comentario por Aleor 5 de abril
  • Mags can solo robots as r4 already, and cgr is great in any match
    en Rank 5 question Comentario por Aleor 5 de abril
  • I only have him as a 4*, so no endgame action even for synergies (thank you kabam, love those stupid 5-6* limitation), but apoc is great
  • I feel like htd will be best case smth like cull - nice for damage, but heavy reliant and not very practical to play.
  • Even without his sig omega still has most of his utility. Tentacles, immunities, life steal, power steal, can ignore electro like bs damage. I have r2 gambit and don't really use him, I'd say he needs his sig unlocked almost at much as omega. They a…
  • (Quote) Sad, first time I saw a bug like that
  • I completed abyss, got mystic t5cc and still haven't used it. After that got tb with cosmic t5cc formed with 7.1 exploration. Also have tech r3 6* and 450 fragments away from science
  • If you exclude champs like kang, it has to be Labtron. Sure, a lot of people explored lol a long time ago. But for newer players I guess lol is a bad place to waste units. And by the time you have r5 5* aegon and can explore lol for free, rewards ar…
  • (Quote) Yes, that's what I meant
    Take 6.3.5 for example - every path with debuffs is either some dot, meaning you need immunity, or long distance relationship path, where you take damage, if you hit opponent while under weakness debuff. Max s…
  • (Quote) Thanks, it gives me hope they will fix him someday.
    Also his heavy is unreliable, sometimes I can punish a heavy from some champs, and sometimes I can't with seemingly same starting distance
    en Sasquatch heavy Comentario por Aleor 30 de marzo
  • I have it unlocked, but don't really see any big benefit. I dropped it ages ago, when there was a heal reversal debuff in some eq. Without suicides you rarely have a debuff on you, especially in act 6 like content, where having it is often very puni…
  • (Quote) I have aa r4 5*, and he's good, when opponent is not bleed immune or poison immune or you can heavy easily. Once one of these is not true, he becomes not that impressive. Personally I'd choose Colossus over aa (wich I did actually, have r5…
  • Symb for 6.2 boss, 6.3 medusa, aol and many other mystic fights. But he's not really suicide friendly. AA is an option, but I don't think you really need him? Colossus needs his sig, and hm is nothing special, don't see anything I'd use mine for
  • Leave one path, if you don't want to go into overflow
  • (Quote) Just as much of an issue as people, who used ghost for everything and got hit fighting dd in their first war since change went live
  • (Quote) Would give people reason to r5 5*s and fix player max level, I'd say those are good things. And add 6* focused rewards, like ag, champion of your choice, t5cc of each class except your selected champ class, max sig stone. Would reward skil…
  • I'd love it to be skill based, not like aol. Like limit it to 1-5* champs only, so r5 5* is the best you can bring, don't add any bs like hit/time limit and make difficult interesting fights like do you bleed korg