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  • Change is garbage period. Twice as long to get through a fight with the dickish ai hoarding sps and refusing to bait. Taunt mechanics rarely works as well and forget about ai throwing if it's got a power sting on. Shouldn't have to force eat a sp3 just to keep the fight moving or dance in the corner for 30 seconds.
  • Just had this issue in AQ against SymSup.... Raced him at last second to Sp3 we both had it but I was able to throw mine after combo. 24 spores up should have been a very solid essence steal topping my health and letting me finish the 10% or so health he would have left after.... Instead he immediately threw his Sp3 after…
  • As that one guy that runs spread sheets I've been tracking each of my alliances BGs defender kills since season 5. We use this to see what champ/node combinations work and are consistent.... Been a great tool and a difference maker each season. If you can't see how they are performing it hugely impacts strategizing. This…
  • Doom- May you never have dropped connection mid Aw fight. May you never have a champ nonsense nerfed post rank. May all your premiums be 4* . May all your Cavs be 8*...And may you rest after your cancer fight.
  • Plenty of reasons to do this combo and it works for every other champ I've paid attention to. No reason Emma or any other champ should be missing any hits in a standard combo and yes... This is a standard combo. Sometimes used against higher limber champs where a light attack gets in quicker then run llmll or llmlm...…
  • Load times are double what they usually (suck) are and just got disconnected and unable to load back in to beta. Add to that no real way to test them out in the content provided.... Think I'll pass