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  • Sabretooth, with the KM/BPCW synergy, is one of the best options for this node. Just don’t use his specials as they cause bleed which procs cornered. If it’s a Mephisto, Void is the best option followed closely by Gulk. I’ve used Sabretooth against …
  • What TwmR said. No one team can get you through 1 map let alone a chapter or the Act. For 5.4.6 Ultron use Proxmia (bring a Nebula for the synergy if you have one). She can parry him without triggering his monster buffs. When I did it I completed 1-…
    en 5.4 100% run Comentario por Burro agosto 2018
  • If you haven’t explored Act 5 yet definitely go with Sabretooth. With the KM/BPCW synergy he completely turns off masochism which is a pain in Act 5. He also makes the masochism mini boss node in AW easy. Once you build up his fury Sabretooth hits …
  • You can’t go wrong with either. If you want a champ that’s a heavy hitter go with Capiw. If you need a utility champ to counter Medusa, go with KM.
  • Void. Hulk is meh. If it was Gulk, maybe. Void is great against so many champs/nodes.
  • I hear Magneto is very “effective” against Korg.
    en Counter to Korg Comentario por Burro agosto 2018
  • If they place a Magik or Dorm, use Gulk. If it’s Mephisto, use Void. IMIW, use Void. If it’s pretty much any other champ use Sabretooth with the Killmonger synergy (hint: it turns masochism off). Just don’t use any of his specials as they cause blee…
  • @DarthPhal it would be nice if we could also filter out posts with “RDT”.
    en Thanks Kabam Comentario por Burro agosto 2018
  • Chapter 1 and 2 I just did a path here and there when I wasn’t busy with other game modes. It probably took a month or two, but I wasn’t focusing on it and was maybe doing a path or two some days and none other days. Chapters 3 and 4 I did in about…
  • @MysticFB Seatin and Dork Lessons on YouTube have great walk through a for beating Thanos. You may still struggle with the team you list though. I went for 100% Act 4 before I started Act 5. It is a long PITA but I think it helped me further develop…
  • Definitely don’t waste it on any of the champs you list. Save it preferably for Dusa. Other options, not as good as Dusa but still good, are Proxima, Hyperion, and Corvus.
  • Use the gem on Dusa and take her to 5/50. She’s one of the best (if not the best) cosmic champs. She’s a Sentinel killer, poison immune, can bleed (once she shatters armor), has auto block (once awakened) and is a great AW defender. Angela is also g…
  • I’ve been unable to log in for about 8 hours now. Keep getting the “issue with your internet connection” message. My internet works perfectly fine for everything else, except Marvel Contest of Champions. Tried LTE, multiple WiFi networks, restarting…
    en Game Down? Comentario por Burro marzo 2018