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  • Just one of the many aspects that are broken based on the game as it was 3 years ago and has not kept up.
  • Definitely designed for corvus, he makes it quite easy, able to punch way above my weight with even a 4* corvus.
  • I started this past month. Feel like I'm moving quickly, and just bought the offer today, assuming I can use it to ranky champs faster. But looks like I can only hold 1 t2a right now. Rest are going to expire. Oh well, lesson learned, don't buy stuff in game.
  • At least I can eat the cookies :) right now I have t2a that I cannot eat. Also, if that's true then everything you buy should expire?? Does everything purchased in game expire and the clock starts from the moment you purchase it? How am I able to buy something I not only cannot use, but cannot store. Again, my fault for…
  • I just started playing this game, didn't realize that you can buy stuff that you cannot use and then will also expire. Needs to be explained a bit more before purchasing.