We have adjusted the node placement of the new AW maps to better allow path traversal. As a result, defender placements have been reset. Please, take a moment to re-place your defender setup. We will be pushing out a message in-game shortly.


  • If you could rank down anytime you would only ever need enough resources for 5 champs. Swap out the team, rank down and back up. That’s a bad idea.
  • We know you love prof hoff. You watch his channel and comment all the time. They ranked him for his ability to reflect damage? “Prove it” “show me the data” “show me in game video proof” I didn’t say balancing was them admitting wrong. I said thank you for admitting “balancing” like they did with 12.0 was wrong. Focus. And…
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  • Huge predator fan but do you really want to turn this game into mortal kombat? If you want to see predator fight wolverine I recommend YouTubing it, the one under “batinthesunproductions”.
  • Awesome counterpoint
  • Counter-inter-jection: Product testing is necessary. Mario never got rebalanced. Ninja gaiden black on master mode never got rebalanced. It was only when “season pass” and other continuing profit style games were introduced that “balancing” became a thing. It’s a bad trend that will probably be here after old gamers like…
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  • Yea I saw the graph that said his healing was on par with blade, omega, and wolvie. And laughed. Not screwing per se as much as other issues, but that’s crooked bro don’t act like it’s not. But yea it’s screwing I don’t want free gold. I somewhat agree with the “economy of the game” explanation they gave. My point is I…
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  • Again, have the cats, expiring in overflow, can’t be sold. Have the iso, sitting in overflow. Don’t have the gold. All three items are spent to take a character up. Two in excess and one on the other end. Selling iso to get gold leaves me with no iso and is just trading off the problem (I sell basic iso and use only class…
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  • If no one was using namor for his healing, why tweak it? If they “rebalanced” corvus and just “tweaked” his charges so they’re not persistent and have to be earned individually each fight, imagine the outrage. He still does high damage with guaranteed crits, but you wouldn’t be able to earn all 4 in one fight. Watch your…
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  • There are bad women. They are not exempt from being bad solely on the basis of genitalia. Women who drive their kids into a river and drown them are bad. Not all women are bad, but there are bad women. Im not anti women, I arrived here via one, am in a relationship with one, and created one. I also have a dad, am a guy…
  • I’m wondering if you know the difference between looking at someone talk and reading what someone has written. Really baffles me.
  • Fun debate, a lot I wanna tackle here but I gotta watch a movie with “one of those women” eyeballing me accusing me of loving forums more than her, gimme a couple and we’ll continue.
  • “I don’t have any legitimate counterpoints so let’s just say I won and you leave, that’ll make me look cool”
  • Correct, what we call “right direction”
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  • No. Just no. The namor nerf they tried to justify with those ridiculous graphs? It may have convinced demonz”show me the data”fyre but those of us in reality know his healing is not god tier. Damage sure. They designed it they tested it they hyped it they knew people would spend money as they do they knew it was a crooked…
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  • Touché. I concede. Weak men (not all men)
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  • No bro. Woke is a word for fake people who grandstand. As for insult, I said “one of those women that”. Didn’t say “you’re like a woman”. You’re the one that seems to have taken an isolated sector and generalized it among an entire group. It’s like you think all women are the same or something. You’re not that vapid are…
  • How did they screw their player base? Namor, cull obsidian, magik, scarlet witch, dr strange, speeding up ai, changing backdraft intercepts, reneging the gold in aq, and on and on. I’ll be fair and admit they’ve given unnecessary compensation for things (not even remotely close to even though) but to be honest I’d rather…
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  • Uhh....hypocritical? And yea as long as I feel inclined to do so I am allowed, sorry it bothers you. Must be a Tough life
  • Wow you’re so woke. How did I insult all women? by saying you’re one? You’re right they probably are insulted. If I say you’re one of those dudes who trolls the forums on kabams behalf and are annoying, am I insulting all men?
  • Yea You’re right. No business would ever willingly screw their customers. kabams certainly never been accused of it and have never put out a statement that they were changing content because it was ridiculously hard and unrealistic after hearing the customer base all agree it was total bs. WOW GUYS YOU GOT ME
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  • I think we all saw this coming.
  • One down, who’s next savage or demon? I’m goin savage. Demons illegitimate but he’s got passion.
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  • You’re one of those women that no matter how much you make it clear you’re done with them and want them gone, they still just hang around and follow you everywhere.
  • Yay I got a “follower” I’d say the algorithm is what gives you 2400 gold way more than the drop rate is, and gives you 15k about....never yep that’s it, never. This is probably more of a patent issue with designing a system that gives excess amounts of one or in this case all but one resource, and then sends minions named…
  • Sorry bro I know you’re hard at it on YouTube comments trying to convince people they’re not using the patent. My bad
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  • Ok?? Shrewski off the top of my head OML ,colossus, nightcrawler, prob half of the tech class, but yea mostly cosmic champs.
  • Uhhh....yea....that’s what this thread is about?
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  • yea it’s inconceivable that this game wouldn’t give you what you need when you need it. Probably one of those resource/roster management scenarios that’s completely the players fault and absolutely not the result of some algorithm or patent.
  • Effort problem? Yea I agree, the stats have been posted. Go make that money so you can pay to win and then talk down to everyone who’s a real player.
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  • “If you can’t handle the content you should build your roster more” then its “the game isn’t designed to build your roster” Keep moving the goalpost