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  • Defeating the boss resets the quest, otherwise you need to wait the next day for the reset. For example. I can gather all keys and in the last day I use them all, but to get rewards every time, I need to do do a completion of it, every time. Later edit: ofc, the easier way is, just do the solo obj, get the key, enter the…
  • New chapter in side quest comes with the same Romance sinergy problems.. I should probably make a rule of not playing new content for 24h.. Less bugg stress :disappointed:
  • Weak on the knees is the buff that's limiting a lot science part for regular players. The others are fine, and connect each other..
  • From what I've tried so far, Invisible Woman and Namor work fine, but Tigra, Moon Knight, Iron Man and Luke Cage get stunned.. To be continued :neutral: Later edit: I think SQ should be avoided for now.. The stun comes and goes, even under cooldown.. And even when stunned, you get the Fury.. I think it's obvious it…
  • I read that first time you posted it, and you said the changes will take place only for Cavalier, that's why ppl were took by surprise.. Also, don't put the rewards we find on paths under "Completion", but under Exploration, ok, Kabam?
  • Actually I need to correct myself too. To be more accurate, from their calculations I guess last day is Tuesday, 1st of September, so last day to get 360 shards is Sunday, August 30. So the last 2 tickets you can save for Tuesday, and get another 360 total in 2 tries.. So I guess the maximum 6* shards to get is 9720,…
  • Hey! You can save Favor's and play all on days when you get 360 shards (Herald).. So 28X360=10.080 6* shards if you complete 28 tries in Herald diff on Wednesday, Friday and/or Sunday quests.
  • Ty for an answer at least @"Kabam Zibiit" . I think a lot of players are scared of the fact they can't play properly the future new releases and ingame fun announced for the next 2 months. In the end, we all want to have fun and to have the chance to win a fight by skill 1st, otherwise it's just a painfull, frustrating…
  • You are lucky. My update succeded last night, and the game has more problems now. Every fight is lagging, every push of the "FIGHT" button freezes the game from 3 sec (EQ) to 10 sec (AQ) .. Don't update yet...
  • All is fine and well, just a bit shocked (had to quit even) when brought some different champs on an epic path and got 1st ambush by a 28k Sasquatch - when everyone is 10-15k - and got smashed :lol: . Isn't that a bit too much though? :neutral:
  • @"Kabam Miike" I know that 6* crystal pool is not that big right now, but as it is a lot of work to build for a 6* crystal, the emotion in opening one is even bigger. :smile: Can you guys at least consider this: not dual, but maybe triple class 6*? Thanks in advance, and for all of your hard work. I'm slowly getting amped…
  • Huawei P20 Lite / Android 9 It is just another champ with high visual effects, who makes my fight lag, alongside "still" Darkhawk, HT, Namor, and a few other champs introduced this year. :disappointed: