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  • i feel your pain OP. my first 6* was Juggernaut. And my second wasn't so great, but a little better....Black Bolt. I'm opening my third in march, hoping it will be better, if not.....i'm going outside too LOL
    en First 6* Champ Comentario por NcTmack marzo 2019
  • (Quote) Completely disagree. I have beaten Act 5 all the way through, and partially explored. Deviant level of the new quests is a joke to anyone who thinks this is supposed to be "fun and challenging." Having to use specific champs in a …
  • Kabam. You mentioned you wanting to make a fun and challenging, variant difficulty is driven for people who have specific champs. For example, the first map with power gain and facing 30K PI defenders, whoever has a HIGH PI 5/6* Killmonger…
  • IGN is Bolt517. request sent in game. I am East Coast USA, previous alliance teetered silver 3/gold 1 and won War MVP 6 times. Have played, and can run, AQ maps 4 and 5. Currently I have a bunch of 5/50s, 4 of them are good defenders, i also have a …
  • Really enjoying this month's EQ especially with the Symbiote. Well thought out, and I like how each player can customize the Symbiote to fit their unique fighting style. And BONUS, it only costs the summoner the specific rewards won from the EQ and …