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  • I was also watching his stream and he kept kind of shitting on BWCV and I spent the entire time thinking how she would work for everything for completion basically and then I used her for like 90% of the fights for completion and one shot every boss except venom who I missed an sp2 evade and Symbiote Spider-Man who I only…
  • I’d say it’s doable, but you will have to play very well
  • I just ran through the cosmic herald quest today 8 times used 0 units and got 400k gold, 2,880 6* shards, 8,800 5* shards and 16 generic 5* sig stones. I’d say the difficulty matches the rewards.
  • Just finished it using 5/65 BWCV, 6* r1 Agent Venom, 3/45 Venom, 6* r1 Dormammu and 4/55 Symbiote Supreme and I have to say it wasn't too bad. It could be done with maxed 4* champs.
  • I did it and I got him down in two revives, but it can easily be done in one if you just stay in poison stance to keep his power under control and if you can evade his sp2.
  • BWCV can also take a lot of blocked hits and heal it all the way back up with her sp2 and her utility doesn't stop at immunities, with despair she can stop regen and with buff immunity as long as you are playing fairly aggressive once you get it up on champs that have a good amount of buffs it is very straightforward to…
  • So the highest damage sp2 for warlock, in the best case scenario with all crits and class advantage, is around 70k-80k and with BWCV in the best case scenario where she has death touch active, every hit deals 4600 extra, and every hit crits your sp2 will deal just over 70k damage. With warlock though there is no guaranteed…
  • I agree I don’t value his opinion higher than anyone else, but he has such a large platform that it means he has influence and when he says something it tends to cause others to think similarly. And like I’ve stated I started this poll for the sole purpose of seeing the community’s general consensus.
  • They literally asked where I heard she was underrated and said mainstream youtubers rate her second to doom, so I said a mainstream YouTuber who rated her lower and then proceeded to list other places I’ve seen people rate her less favorably. Lol I was just genuinely curious how the community sees her and not just assume…
  • First tip is to run suicides they make her a significantly better champ. Generally in most fights where the opponent doesn’t have immunities and you don’t need a specific immunity I cycle to the hellfire curse and just stay there until I know they are within burst range to die in a single sp2 and either just standard 5…
  • I was gonna even say that I feel like with suicides, most people would probably use BWCV over Doom, but I unfortunately do not have doom. I do have Symbiote supreme though and I definitely find myself turning to BWCV a lot more, especially since like you said I can just throw her onto any team.
  • It wasn’t about caring what others thought it was put genuine curiosity. If I cared I wouldn’t have took her to rank 5 and thrown all my sig stones into her before asking lol
  • Well he demoted SS to same tier as her because of doom, but in his most recent video where he played 6* r1 BWCV he talks about how much he prefers SS damage output. It's his personal preference. That doesn't make BWCV underrated. Ratings are literally people’s opinions and preferences, so if someone in general says they…
  • Actually, he rates her at the same level as SS. Even then, he says it's a rough guide. Well he demoted SS to same tier as her because of doom, but in his most recent video where he played 6* r1 BWCV he talks about how much he prefers SS damage output.
  • Seatin rates her under symbiote supreme, and I’ve been reading comments and I’ve been looking on the forums for info and a lot of people put her as top 5 mystic at best and below a lot of other champs in this game. I just saw another poll where someone asked who to rank SS or BWCV and it was basically 50/50
  • Stark spidey is outdated and has lost a ton of value for end game content. Thing has a ton of utility and only is getting more valuable
  • I would agree with going for science/mystic, but don’t look down on namor. Awakened at max sig, he ignores all the fun and interactive damage this game has to offer and he hits like a truck and he doesn’t need any synergies.
  • For people having trouble understanding. Yes each time he opens a singular crystal he has a 2.22% chance of getting the single champ he wants, but if he keeps opening the likelihood of that outcome happening increases. For example, if you flip a coin twice and you just need to get heads once your likelihood of getting at…