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  • I changed the motion smoothness to "standard 60hz" after I noticed dropped inputs and odd random dashes and heavies and my experience has been solid ever since. I'm on an s21+. Settings > Display > Motion Smoothness > standard. Hope that helps someone!
  • I also haven't received my DPX 5* arena rewards.
  • I take CSWS in map 7 with Thing and the Champion synergy. You guys gonna nerf my ability to timeout at 1HP while indestructible is active as well? This Corvus Map 7 interaction has been in place for 2 years and is a major reason that some paths are even doable without massive item use. There's no question people use AG's…
    en AQ Timeout Comentario por TheJalli mayo 2020
  • Havok is definitely a worthy option.
    en Abyss Mephisto Comentario por TheJalli abril 2020
  • To only include 1 RNG t5cc at the end of exploration seems criminal. I was expecting something along the lines of 1 for completion and 2 for exploration. Even the inclusion of a t5cc selector would have been appropriate for the end of a year's worth of content. I will say that the T2A, T5B and gold seem to be a balanced…
  • I've been running that path since inception with an r5 Morningstar. I bring Guilly to start with two souls. Occasionally I'll get a timeout on Shulk because she's so passive, but otherwise MS is a great matchup for all of the fights and many of the section 3 lanes as well. Make sure you build up to 5 souls along the way to…
  • She has a % chance to remove any debuff when striking a science opponent (it's her sig ability).
  • Same thing happened to me, why should anyone assume that it is a previous feature crystal. I wanted the current feature pool, not the previous one. I'm really hoping this is an error.