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  • @Primmer79 I'll get you booted. Get back in arena.
  • @danielmath how is she lol viable. You have to beat 5 lol champs with her to get those 5 souls. Voodoo is probably best mystic in game, Regen power control, crazy poison, work bother Daniel for 50% ability reduction. He only requires 1 dupe to be god tier great prestige. What's not to love about him.
    en Good or bad idea Comentario por Wil6541 junio 2018
  • Stand your ground mastery. If the stars line up you can Parry a heavy with it.
  • Plus side they named the arena correctly "worst case scenario"
  • Really all they need to do is change him back to prenerf willpower days. Almost every single hit placed a fatigue. 15 poison stacks was common every fight.
  • @jeffgmng and everyone with him rank him up use him for everything and say nonsense like col and groot are gonna stop him. Blade himself is not op but the syn with his 2 godtier already side kicks is.
  • Unfortunately it is the game now. If I lose 1 more champ in aw because of lag nonsense I'll scream and moan but ultimately keep playing. What is wrong with us for accepting this nonsense.
  • Can't really say who to stack up for. On paper carnage is tops but in game sucks. You need to see game play to determine who is worthwile.
  • While that is true @Bajjsbwuqjw what is that team then doing for let's say Magik on arc overload then maybe Sabre on Regen mini. Plus whatever nonsense you had to get to that node. Maybe cable before so you can't use an sp and a nc before that. While you have a true solution it is not a practical aw team. I would…
  • While that is true @DNA3000 but if op is in same boat as me every crystal I have multiple chances for 1 sig stone. You can research all you want but the results are the same. Really the dust is only thing of value for the effort because of that. Artefacts are pointless to me. In saying that the dust is t2a frags so that is…
  • Actually og cap is good for crit rate syn, awesome for aq as his pb isn't tied to buffs. His fatigue let's you Parry fight mordo, og cap sp2 deals same amount of damage as ww2 but it's instant not waiting out bleed timer. Nice crit rate syn with sim as well.
  • Big difference in aw. Quest he can't Parry you. He will be a god tier defender. Don't believe that grab a maxed 3 and take on the uncollected one to simulate the nodes. Take off your parry to simulate stun immune and anytime autoblock triggers let him hit you with a combo to simulate his Parry. You have very few options…
  • @Blax4ever bb is awesome with royal family syn. Karnak is worth the rank up just for Medusa bosses alone. You can't just ignore sentry upgrade and say no one gets upgraded. T2a are far and few between to use that as justification. No matter what changes are made someone else is best in game. Nerf pb people went to crit…
  • Best bets for him are ice, quake, drax, Electra, x23, and anyone with fatigue like ant, og cap. If you don't parry fight Stark is awesome put a taunt on him and he is spamming sp1 for your attack opening. He is very defensive so don't be scared to throw some heavies into his block.
  • Have you never played a game with gear. It is another resource hog and the champs get watered down let's use blade as example. Pretty great as is. In a gear system you would have to get him rank him dupe him them in the system his gear would probably give him his danger sense so I need to get and upgrade that. So for full…
  • @ACIDUCK if you take movie version he is not when champ he was released. If you take comic version who hasn't been an avenger give all the tag.
  • Actually watching homecoming shows why he is not. And Avengers came after his release so no.
  • I love it. Great design and that sp3 cutscene where your right next to him is great keep tapping attack soon as scene over you get 4 hits in and safeguard for next sp3.
  • Gamora is a 6 so remove her
  • How is it more legendary to spend literally thousands of dollars to be top 100 in something like lol than be top 100 in monthly. Ultimately exactly the same race with the difference being free to play can compete in monthly. How you get the title is fair but what is unfair is monthly is an apple only event.
  • Solo events those crystals are a gold mine for 3* ag
    en 3 star AG Comentario por Wil6541 mayo 2018
  • Yeah I was @VolumeOne
  • He is in there
  • I love how all say 4/40 beat him with ease but in the quest he can't Parry. Don't tell me you won't fight him soon. He is next or 3 arena time so you will see him soon. Go against the uncollected one and once auto block triggers let him hit you to simulate the parry and come back to me.
    en Nerf Iron Man Comentario por Wil6541 mayo 2018
  • @DarkestDestroyer while that is correct but you do that on second runs not 1st go. TBH I use bp for majority of my fights as I really like him.
    en Where is Gambit Comentario por Wil6541 mayo 2018
  • Normally 2 weeks after event ends. It's a long annoying wait
  • Gambit is my favourite comic character. In game he is only OK. Too much hassle holding block all the time in hard content to be of real use. Fun to use though when you get it all rolling. Don't worry that you don't have him yet as he will just be a bench warmer and arena fodder for you.
    en Where is Gambit Comentario por Wil6541 mayo 2018
  • That's exactly what I need. Already arena is a chore but filling out captcha per fight no thanks.
    en Arena bots issue Comentario por Wil6541 abril 2018
  • Try this post http://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/comment/379795#Comment_379795
  • Top 1% try everyone. Why wouldn't you start a new account and just gift yourself all the champs then start again on an infinite loop.