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  • 1 T2A, 1 T5B, T5CC Frag Crystals, 2 T4CC crystals and the title. And now I believe it’s 2 T2A, 2 T5B, 10% T5CC selector and 2 10% T5CC crystals. So yeah pretty big difference there.
  • And what if the game crashes or goes down for emergency maintenance?? That happened to me in the boss fight in AW. Defender went back to 100 and I went to 50%. It’s ****.
  • Daily Quests are specifically for Basic and Class Catalysts. Adding one for Alpha Catalysts isn’t any different, that’s an alternative if they don’t want to add T1A in Uncollected. Look I can go to Glory once a week and get 10 T1As no problem but that’s a lot of glory that could be used in other key resources such as T4B…
  • I’ve 100% UC, Heroic, and Master EQ, 100% Canadian and Epic Expeditions for two weeks, made a run in LOL, all of the content that offers T1A is 100%. Glory only gets me 10, which doesn’t even complete 2 R3-R4 or R4-R5 5* rank ups. I’ve done my fair share of work and grinding. And 3 day Alliance Events or SA is never a…
  • My argument was never about 5* shards to begin with. And lazy? I’ve 100% UC, Master, and Heroic EQs, 100% Canadian and Epic Difficulty for two weeks, did a run in Labyrinth of Legends, I’m far from lazy. So sorry if I feel obligated to want more rewards. But I guess asking for T1A to be included in UC rewards is too much.
  • Did I ask for unlimited? No I didn’t. 6 T1A is more then fair for 100% UC and Master. The fact that none is offered in UC is the point. Not everyone has ample time to sit around for 4-5 hours a night and grind arena, I can do 1-2 tops before I lose my interest. As a Cavalier player, I shouldn’t have to go in to Heroic or…
  • The whole point of this is for more T1A, the shards are irrelevant. 5*s require the most T1A and it’s not even offered in UC. And they for sure won’t be in Cavalier. Those that keep mentioning that if you can’t “easily” get through UC that you don’t deserve the rewards, that’s arrogant and quite frankly selfish. It’s not…
  • I misread what gamer sent, I don’t pay attention when I run through the chapters of EQ.
  • I was wrong about the shards, I forgot about the chapter rewards but regardless this wasn’t even about the 5* shards as I stated in the original post.
  • I wasn’t either until someone brought it up. There is NOT 7500 5* shards offered in UC 100%( not including side quest, since it’s apparent that I have to mention that.)
  • 😂😂 Clearly you can’t spell. My calculations are correct, my whole rant wasn’t in anyway shape or form about side quests or expeditions.
  • Really? I’m not counting expeditions or side quests because they’re not guaranteed every month. And no one wants to wait 4 weeks to complete a side quest to get the petty shards that are offered.
  • There’s not always a side quest or an expedition. So for this month you’re correct, but that’s over the course of 4 weeks when I had UC done in 2 days.
  • You’re missing the point, I’m conservative with my rank ups as well, but I wouldn’t have to be if T1A was more available in EQ. I have champs that need to be at a higher rank but I’m not spending 5 T1As on a R3 or lower when I need only 1 more T1A for a R4 or R5, it’s bogus and not a smart decision.
  • Agreed, but not everyone can grind through UC without using potions and revives can they? I don’t need them but it’s also not about me. And also it takes about 15-18 refills to fully explore UC, which boils down to over 500 units
  • Wrong. Go in the game and check. It’s 5250 for 100% UC and 2K for 100% Master.
  • You get units for completion of Quests and exploration, if you want units, grind Arena like everyone else. If you don’t see a lack of rank up resources then there’s an issue, you waste way too much of your glory on it.
  • No it doesn’t.
  • UC has 5250 shards in total for 100% Completion Master has 2000, making the grand total 7250. At this stage in the game, you should be able to fully form a 5* for 100% of Master and UC
  • @"Kabam Miike" I’d like to see a few characters added. Thor is one of the most powerful hero’s in all of Marvel Comics, yet in the game he’s one of the most useless. After a record breaking movie, we deserve a revamped Thor. An Endgame Thor if you will. Fat Thor, Stormbreaker Thor, doesn’t matter what you call him but with…
  • STOP SPAMMING THE DISCUSSION WITH IMAGES!! Jesus I can’t even read half the discussion because you just pile on hundreds of unnecessary photos. Write your comments down like everyone else.
  • No it’s still the same crappy AI it’s always been. My highest steak count is 75. And I stopped, but today I couldn’t get passed 10, the AI refused to throw Specials until they got the SP3 and then they want to throw it instantly.
  • Wow, not sure how you guys are 5 minutes clear of my time. That’s insane. 5/65 Corvus is what I’m assuming was brought, because that’s who I used. All my fights were under 60 seconds and I’m betting 95% were under 30 seconds. And then you have boosts, which I eventually gave up because it takes time to apply boosts, and…
  • I just did a run and it was about 30 refills. Probably closer to 33-35.
    en Legend run Comentario por mbennett1995 julio 2020
  • ADD 5* Shards for Uncollected. 4* shards aren’t relevant for us anymore.