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  • No one ever said you had to come to this post and I am sorry but I can't move on from my own post so why don't you oh and If you are leaving please take your opinion and maybe this won't happen but this is the point of this forum to request things.
  • Well see I can't be bothered to carry this conversation because you refuse to look at it for my angle so I am going to be and you have fun talking to yourself I just wish that more people see this thread because that is creating awareness I just wis…
  • So that is what you are doing responding logically ok and since you had the brilliant and logical idea to make a poll on why don't you
  • Just no that is all you have to say
  • Ok I get what you saying but it is only me so if you are going to say that you better start typing on a lot more because this place is ment to ask these questions. This forum is ment to request things and to use as a tool
  • No this my way to create awareness and it was a SUGGESTION I am not forcing kabam to add anything into the game
  • First I don't have social media and second I am not turning mcoc into my tool it was a suggestion
  • (Quote) So you are right the blm crystal was a long shot but a title or a boss rush that would be something that bring enjoyment and not require spending money. Also like I said before so people can't protest. They can only offer there awareness.
  • Well not true so people don't have social media or even watch the news but they play a game to keep themselves entertain.
  • Finally people how have close or the same opinions I agree with it a PoC a BLM Boss Rush or crystal would great the are both helpful.
  • Will so maybe not a crystal but a boss rush that would bring more into and like others have said the community has enjoyed the past boss rushes
  • Well yeah kabam but they don't have to have you buy it with your money or units maybe just add missions or a side quest or like a boss rush like someone said earlier
  • I am fine with that to but I just think a crystal would have a bigger effect. And I get that people don't need any political view but I would be there inform and bring more people into the game and a way for kabam to show the care
  • TV and media have the same purpose as the game to entertain us and provide us information
  • (Quote) Yeah and I while I made this I was thinking crystal or boss rush
  • Ok first I wasn't alive for most of the examples you listed second I am made this post to just ensure that black people know kabam is on there side and that they are doing something.
  • Yeah that would be interesting to see what happens after this is all over
  • I get that some people still know about without social media but not all people do. Oh also have you been following you guide lines for quarantine you like staying inside wearing a mask standing 6 feet away just wondering.
  • First I just thought it would be cool if they added this I am not trying to take the game into a political mess. And my alliance doesn't talk on alliance chat and global is a joke no one takes anyone seriously unless they know you
  • Yes totally that is where it all should go.
  • Well you won't need to spend money you could spend units and there might be a offer in they want there to be but it wouldn't be a huge amount of money and there are many people that don't have social media or watch the news and because of quarantine…
  • It would create awareness and I don't think I would be $10.
  • Well some people can't do any of that stuff and are probably unaware to the situations that are going on around the world.
  • It is also for awareness so people know what is going on if they don't already. Plus I think it would be cool if kabam did this to so they could show us they care about Black lives