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  • Just finally did it... 8 revives (could have been maybe 6 got hit in the first try so I had less health to tank the shock), 5 40% revives and 3 20% revives, with a 4/55 boosted hyperion (20-10-15)... it wasn't pretty... it wasn't fun... but it got t…
  • (Quote) I understand what you are saying, the design of the fight is actually pretty bad... putting a node that needs at least one buff and putting emp modification. Even if caustic temper gets fixed it's still in my opinion poor design. That bein…
  • (Quote) That's exactily the point, if you don't have the right champions you shouldn't do that specific content. It isn't content that goes away so we have all the time in the world to acquire the champions needed to take him down. It somewhat suc…
  • Hopefully the interaction between sinister and caustic gets fixed soon so the people that don't have heimdall and angela/hela can still get pass... it will take alot of time for them but it's still doable
  • (Quote) Obviously when and IF the interaction gets fixed, you can put the 4 star gate in again.
  • I was thinking... until the fix on the interaction between caustic temper and Sinister is fixed, why not just strip away the 4 star gate in that specific quest, only for 6.2.2. Most people should have at least a 4 star heimdall and a 4 star angela o…
  • If they fix caustic temper Maybe is doable even if you don't have a fury... it would take ages but champions like sentinel or rulk would start to actually make a dent on this guy... sadly I dont' have heimdall/angela-hela sinergy as 5 or 6 stars, bu…
  • The problem is that if you don't have a fury you heal him... he heals for the real damage not the Caustic Temper damage... it's impossible without a medusa/hyperion or the heimdall sinergy with any other poison immunes
  • My combos seems to have become slower for some reason... I don't know if this is the part that revolves around "making all devices be consistent" but I want my old timings back (to be clear they were perfectly fine).

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