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  • It was luck. Practiced lots, trying different things. This is the path I took:
    dans Any tips on 5.2.2? Commentaire de AcuTarA juin 2018
  • Nice, I would love to join you. 4 hours for SA to restart and I'm all yours. I sent you an ingame friend request. My Line ID is acutara1
  • I could give it a try, I'm a little rusty at the moment, havent played AQ in a while. Which maps are you doing?
  • Map 4 is relatively easy for me, except some boss fights. Ranked Medusa 5/50 just for AQ. I think I can give map 5 a try. Edit: Is it just me or map 4 is actually easier than 3?
  • Thanks to everyone on your feedback. I finally decided to rank Medusa because I've been using her on multiple ocations and fell in love. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love hyperion and I think she beats Medusa if both unduped, but I 5/50 Medusa and have the cash ready when an offer appears.
  • Got like 200 units in return for the battle chips and milestones, plus almost 200000 gold. So you could say that for 100 units I got access to 200000 gold and 1000 4* shards. I don't know if it's worth the time and effort if the avarage price for a full 4* crystal in the offers is like $10. If you're aiming for better…
  • The best option is Archangel, but you will be waiting a long time before you pull a 5* one, maybe not. The nice thing about Iceman's Signature ability is that with auto coldsnap you will destroy oponents that evade
  • I saved 20000 5* shards for my first opening. Got Storm and Gwenpool. Can't remember if I opened them at the same time or not. In my alt account my first 5* was Thor (Jane Foster).
    dans My first 5* Commentaire de AcuTarA juin 2018
  • Thanks, so in total (For Despair 1 and Deep Wounds 2) I would need 4 Carbonadium and 4 Stony Cores. Man that's expensive. I would have to buy the Mastery Booster Pack (3 Carbonadium, 4 Stony) and spend 550 units for another Carbonadium Mastery Core.
  • My brother has the Samsung Galaxy s9 and it runs at perfect frames per second, plus super fast load times. All game mechanics in fight function perfectly. The only problem that I had is with the curved display at the game menu, you tend to touch and open tabs accidentally. I plan on getting that device soon. I have the…
  • Got the 4* Tech Awakening gem, but I have no tech champs that could really benefit from it. I'm semi retired so map 5-6 are not my thing and bought a Tier 4 class catalyst with dusy, got tech. Now I have a Tech awakening gem and 3 Tier 4 Tech Catalysts for no champion in my current roster. So I'll wait for a Star-Lord or…
    dans Infinity Dust use? Commentaire de AcuTarA mai 2018
  • If you're having trouble on mobile just change to desktop view via the browser you're using (Not the option in the website) There you should have no problem changing your profile Pic
  • Ghost Rider, Hyperion, Daredevil, Vision.
    dans to awaken Commentaire de AcuTarA mai 2018
  • found this video. helped me a lot
    dans Infinity Dust use? Commentaire de AcuTarA mai 2018
  • Got the tech gem too. The tech gem is very valuable in the game in case you have star-lord or spider-man stark. Star-Lord is THE champion to awaken. I'm waiting to summon him to use the awakening gem. I suggest you do the same. I got a tech gem back in my noob days and used it on War Machine, don't make my same mistake,…
    dans Which should I awaken Commentaire de AcuTarA mai 2018
  • With all basic attacks there is a 30% chance to inflict bleed for 6 seconds. The bleed damage is based on your attack power. You can stack them and there is a 3% chance per stack of bleed to stun your opponent with every basic attack. If you get lucky you can have lots of bleed stacks and keep the enemy constantly stunned…
    dans Gwen pool Commentaire de AcuTarA mai 2018
  • The 4* awakening gem is the best deal. I say go for that first and then consider other offers. 6900000 infinity dust for a 5* awakening class gem is too much specially considering that is only a class gem, so imagine spending all that time grinding for dust and end up with nothing of use to you. I would consider the offer…
    dans Infinity Dust use? Commentaire de AcuTarA mai 2018
  • Exactly. I don't see a future for my 5* Magik awakening. I love her power control. Great champ. 2 in one team could give me an advantage somewhere. Maybe the defensive ability accuracy reduction in Gwenpools signature could be usefull in some specific situations
  • I got my Magik awakened by a friend's recommendation with a class gem. Magik's signature ability is usefull in defense, but should help a little when attacking. Gwenpools signature ability is very interesting, preventing death by sp3 and reducing defensive ability accuracy. Two Magiks in a team could be usefull with…
  • Found the site that mentions the offer and retailers, online or physical sites
  • I have a few online Google play gift card retailers that I trust and I don't know if they are considered as a authorized resellers. The confusing thing is that there is an option for "Everywhere else Google play gift cards are sold". Does that mean that if a friend gifted me a gift card from an unknown online retailer I…
  • @shchong2 Nice! Thanks man. I'll keep this in mind and in my gallery ;)
    dans Who to rank 4/40? Commentaire de AcuTarA avril 2018
  • Finally did it. My team was: Ghost Rider Magik Dormammu Angela Iceman Ghost Rider to keep my other champs full health till the boss fight and then take off some HP from the boss. Magik because she's magical Dormammu cause his medium attacks generate no power and his sp2 can undo a full bar from Hyperion, handy when he is…
  • I have a couple of questions. Hyperion has this So if you hit hyperion with an especial that power drains 1 bar, what happens? And even wierder, with this Magik skill: Just finished my third fight with this boss, and when I got him with my Magik's sp2 his power went straight to 3 complete bars, even though mi special…
  • I killed him my second time starting with Magik, but only the power drain works, his power gain remained intact. So I left him at 75%. Then was Dormammu's turn. Those combos ending in medium attacks gave me space to breathe and his sp2 didint work so ****, he's dead. Then it was hyperion VS hyperion. I took some HP but I…
  • Go for Magik, even if you don't have the sig stones yet. You will get some in the future. In your list Magik wins by a landslide. Maybe is another story when comparing to another champion list, but if you look at the God tier, in the mutant section Iceman doesn't need to be awakened and Archangel does, but he is useless…
    dans who to awaken Commentaire de AcuTarA avril 2018
  • @shchong2 For those wandering this is what I'm working on: Ultron is 4/5 15/40
    dans Who to rank 4/40? Commentaire de AcuTarA avril 2018
  • If you strongly believe ranking one over the others I would love to hear your reasons
    dans Who to rank 4/40? Commentaire de AcuTarA avril 2018
  • Dropped the boss to 50%. I regret using 3 Tier 3 Health Potions and a Tier 1 Team Revive (got 2 waiting in the stash). I'm mainly doing AQ Map 2 so no need for those, and I really don't need potions in my usual AW path. Now I know to just wait for the big brother in the alliance xD. I was drugged high on those hall of…