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  • Iceman- he will help you with Act 5 and even Act 6 (till Cavalier), has solid immunities, decent DMG and is quite Tanky. Venom the Duck- Solid questing champ, great utility, Regen and DMG Sabre tooth- Great questing champ with Alot of DMG Hulk Rag- Great in AQ Poison immune and is great for alot of BS passive DMG like…
  • Essentially i believe that the current OML buff and the release of Aarkus caused this since, they too are going to get or have an armor shatter ability but OML doesn't and shouldn't affect robots. Kabam said that Medusa was bugged and that her armor shatter should be removing Killmongers passive armor/ Reverberation when…
  • Ohh boi, i don't want to be a party popper but this only means that you'll be getting Rhinos and Hulkbusters for a while. Great pull better than my first.
    dans My 1st 6* Commentaire de BlackJ4zz septembre 2019
  • Pls don't give Kabam any ideas
  • My opinion is that The Thing, at rank 5 with full synergies can Annihilate Variant 1 and 2 and even Act 6 (End game content). Unless you have a use for Venom then go for it but i would wait for more gold since we are have a gold event this month just doing 18 fights can give around 60K gold per day and Medusa is Honestly…
  • Depends on what you want content you want to do next. So what is it?
  • I was waited for this event, when i saw the rewards literally uninstalled and reinstalled the app just for confirmation. These Rewards are actually TRASH Dumpster Fire for spending 82k gold like there isn't a gold problem.
  • Listen man, be thankful for what you've been given; o:) -Sunspot is a god tier DMG and Incinerate dealing Champ top 15 best Champs in the Game. -Ghost Rider who is till good for low-mid AQ even i use some or even most times My point is if you think that Kabam will hurry with the buff you're sadly mistaken and TRUST ME…
  • Second time in two days of the Update being released, Vision fight being extremely Laggy and some people are able where able to access the third week of Time after time Event, I can say this update doesn't have a promising start.
  • Try Act 1.3.2 for a 1* Winter Soldier (he'll ambush you after 2 steps, each costing 1 energy). He's only 115 PI, Super Cheese
  • If it's in AW then other players could have the limber mastery maxed out that reduced the duration of all stuns by 48% and if your using it it other content then check for the limber Node.
  • Guys this is just a Bug, it fully shuts down robots at some fights but others she doesn't do SH!T, just like her infinite bleed bug.
  • same as for me Vision is pretty laggy due to all his mist and smoke effects, but Claire is fine very minimal issues.
  • Wow just went up against Warlock in the EQ and he still gained power yet when i went up against Ultron he was completely shut down, what Gives. And now your saying that she doesn't work on Killmonger one of the reasons she is one of my 4/55 champs. Kabam Pls fix this MESS
  • Listen man if you leave it up to people they'll say you rank up Corvus cause he's the trend right now but trust me if you don't have a 6* Corvus you'll rally suffer in the future Corvus is good just like SS, When they WORK and in certain conditions but trust me you'll quickly find out that he's reach is very limited and…
  • -Dude Medusa has consistent DMG while Corvus has to charge up in is a complete Nightmare when there aren't charges/ opponents in the path and yes, Medusa may be an older Champ but her value still shows like i have her at 4/55 with no regrets. -If you watch Seatin's Channel he's first F2P account had a 5/65 Medusa and SHE…
  • Im going to be in the minority but to tell you the truth in my personal experience Corvus Glaive is: -He's very powerful but becomes the worst Champ when you're Charges end. -He isn't reliable for long continuous fights and as Act 6.3 gets released the health pools may be more than what he can reach. -He needs to be…
  • I too got a Mr Sinister as my first 6*
    dans My first 6* Commentaire de BlackJ4zz septembre 2019
  • Some tips for ya: -He has ALOT of DMG if you build up his poise(18% per poise). -He has a small auto-evade function to help you when you mess up. -He's a glass cannon so he'll be pretty squishy. -He'll be evading most specials( if the enemy doesn't have true strike)
    dans Another 5* Commentaire de BlackJ4zz septembre 2019
  • Listen dude but Kabam have said that in a recent post that when, Champs enter the basic they will be making "adjustment" to them before to just enjoy Sunspot till when he enters the basic.
  • Honestly the Mystic class has soo many useless champs and the one that are good are on situational. I would like to see a major Mystic rework on most of their Champs like; Diablo, Ebony Maw, Mephisto, Iron Fist, Jane Foster.
  • Don't worry your Ghost is coming and also don't sleep on that human Torch he's pretty good and is soon getting a buff in November.
  • Trust me i can be Much WORSE
  • To be honest even if you don't have the counters I would recommend you stick to letting him launch his Heavies and SP2's as much as possible as this not only actually removes/ converts his Plasma charges to Prowess buffs, but also are easy to deal with.
  • As i recall this months uncollected Havok has Counter Tactics, but still mainly most of the characters that arent Tech can Completely Dominate Havok. -Venom -Angela -Colossus -Heimdall -VtD
  • Dude don't worry, he's getting a buff to help you use his offensively in around November. So he'll be more useful later.
  • So when they say that Aarkus can control "COLD", does that mean that we are getting another Iceman Based character
  • SOO they're selling me a month of Uncollected :D
  • Honestly it all depends on preference, if you like playing Quake then play her if it's Cap Marvel then rank her up although im going to be biased and say rank up Cap Marvel since she is easier and much more fun to use where as Quake has a unique play style that i cant play for SH!T.
    dans Rank up help!!! Commentaire de BlackJ4zz août 2019
  • Iceman is preferably better since there are alot of champs these days with immunities, shrug offs, and resistances hence AA viability has fallen. but to be honest you only need him at rank 3 and i would recommend you awaken him over iceman since the value got from awakening his far outweighs that of iceman.