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  • Y’all hear those crickets?… Come on Kabam! I call my grandma back faster than you can respond to a forum post! Say literally anything, just acknowledge your playerbase and their concerns.
  • It was likely unintended and players were using it as an exploit. Directly against the Terms of Service. I’m sure we’ll see a more thorough post outlining the details tomorrow.
  • I appreciate the offer! @QueenNJAH unfortunately it is mostly my own availability throughout the day that AQ is something I don’t want to have to squeeze in so periodically. While I dislike AW even further, at least the benefit is that it is only active 3/7 days, as opposed to 5/8, and is much much quicker.
  • Here we go, might as well bump this again! Last comment from a Moderator, October 8th, it is now November 4th and no updates.
    dans iphone 13 pro Commentaire de CloudOfContempt 4 nov.
  • @"Kabam Miike" I’ve tagged you previously in a separate “iPhone 13 Pro” post outlining the issues we have been having and that’s just one model. Last I had checked, we have had zero comments from any Kabam ____ for the last two to three weeks. Shall I tag you again? Quite honestly, 5 revives and 10 potions for the issues…
  • Been two weeks since my last post and all I can see is more players asking the same questions to an empty room? @"Kabam Miike" I know y’all are on your heels right now and there’s a patch around the corner, but any sort of confirmation or update I’m sure would be appreciated. Patch notes mentioned a fix with the special…
    dans iphone 13 pro Commentaire de CloudOfContempt 30 oct.
  • I’ve had entire parry stuns expire spamming what should be the special button, only for nothing to happen and they inevitably hit me in the face. It’s like the hit box straight up disappears.
    dans iphone 13 pro Commentaire de CloudOfContempt 19 oct.
  • I powered up my iPhone 8 again before I have to trade it in and found that I can launch specials with absolutely zero issues, BUT then go back to poorer game performance with lagging, frame skipping, crashes, etc. Really pretty terrible that I feel like I'm playing half a game on either device. Kabam, I really hope there…
    dans iphone 13 pro Commentaire de CloudOfContempt 18 oct.
  • That Agent Venom boss has the node "Enhanced Abilities 100%" which wipes out Tigra's neutralize -100% buff ability accuracy.
  • Bumping this. I've had my iPhone 13 Pro for about a week now and I'm still dealing with input issues. The responsiveness for both dex and dash inputs remain inconsistent, but I'm seeing less skipping or lagging compared to my iPhone 8. While that's a slight improvement functionally, it's still difficult to play through.…
    dans iphone 13 pro Commentaire de CloudOfContempt 13 oct.
  • I’m about to stop playing the EQ altogether. Doesn’t seem fun anymore; uncollected is at a point where it’s easy enough that I barely even read the nodes and now cavalier is getting nodes that aren’t fun to figure out and play around for the underwhelming rewards. It’s not overly difficult, but doesn’t feel fun, it feels…
  • Hey Kabam Miike, I see y’all deleting my posts that tag any of the Kabam staff. Any chance you can give some confirmation to seeing this post instead of deleting?
  • Unofficial Kabam Mike made a great video on the AI change. It needs to be fixed.
  • Bumping this again, hoping for an answer or some community involvement? Hello?
  • Thanks! Yeah I'm not too sure what the ratio will be, but 1:10 shards to artifacts seems fair. Not holding any reservations though, just gotta wait and see.
  • Does anybody remember the timeline that they had for adding them in?
  • @"Kabam Miike" @"Kabam Zibiit" @"Kabam Vydious" @"Kabam Porthos" @"Kabam Lyra" Is there anybody around that could look at this? It's a very poor design allowing the defending alliance to self-inflict and take advantage of the node's very powerful heal increase and degen damage.
  • Bumping this up because it's still a live problem in AW now in season. Can we please get an answer or some sort of shift. Using this strategy is directly unavoidable damage. It's like placing Elsa Bloodstone with suicides, but you can't escape the damage by using a mutant. The only champ that has any counter-measure to…
  • @"Kabam Miike" Is there any chance we could get a more in depth breakdown of the total coins available by each difficulty? I’ve been seeing mixed numbers based on what information has been posted on this thread, given out to content creators, or those in the community have tried to calculate. I think it’d be a useful tool…
  • It’s nice to see that you can adjust ticket purchasing to remain nearly the same and cheaper gold, but I felt that their announcement gave the impression that it would be cheaper across all resources. In my opinion the split of tickets should remain even 25/25/25 and actually be cheaper in each category. I think this could…
  • I appreciate the re-opening of the thread @"Kabam Miike". I’m sure that there will be plenty of discussion amongst ourselves with calculations and following questions. I hope that we, both the players and the Kabam team, can have a productive back and forth on this issue.
  • @StevieManWonder I agree with you, but the thing that we have to take into account is that everything currently available in a monthly setting is topped off at Uncollected progression. Cavalier holders are trying to play higher end content, but are stuck with a title back in progression. I got Uncollected in Oct ‘17, but…
  • Exactly this. The math is right there in front of everyone’s faces and Kabam thinks it’s best to just delete all new threads and hope we shut up. The numbers collected are from in-game and their own posts.
  • Map 6x5 used to net cost about 150k gold. -255k old cost +105k rewards. Now for 25 tickets of gold per cycle of 6x5 it has 170k gold cost with no gold on return. That’s a net loss to each player of 20k gold each AQ cycle. There’s no way to argue that it’s cheaper when you actually do the math. “Use other resources” ...…
  • In-Game Name: CloudOfContempt Device and Model: iPhone 8 Device Operating System: iOS 13.3.1 Cellular or WiFi: Both. AT&T Game Version Installed: 26.1.1 Game Mode: I've experienced this issue in Alliance War, Alliance Quest, Story, Event Quest, Incursions, and Arena. Description of the Issue: I've been dealing with a lot…
  • Why are single Alliance based revives still not available for purchase anywhere? So often a team revive is overkill because only one champ that you brought may be a good option for a fight on your path. In Silver tier alliances and above, most players will not send their whole team at a fight trying to KO the opponent and…
  • The energy refills payout seems a bit strange.. What happens if the least voted contestant wins? Do all the summoners that voted for them receive anything for correctly voting for the victor? Unless I’m misunderstanding something entirely.
  • For the Atlantean Crystals coming out on the 19th, will they contain ONLY a lesser reward? Just want to confirm if they will also come with 5k Coral of the tier above. Thanks!
  • This is a load of garbage, Miike. I’ve been playing for 2.5 years and because I’ve only gotten 2 5* champs worthy of r4, I’m getting bottlenecked? I’ve got 23 5* overall, 1 6*(nearing my second) and because I haven’t gotten lucky on dupes, none of them would be able to give me high enough prestige to meet your cutoff. On…