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  • Hey man. If you’re still looking it sounds like our alliance would be a perfect fit. We clear 5x5 100% every time. Good prestige so we hit about 288mil weekly. Everyone is a team player so you just have to be consistently kind of active and we’ll clear. There’s no join in 3 hours or be kicked type attitude around here. AW…
  • I sent you a friend request in game. I think you’d be a perfect fit here. coug22 on line for more details.
  • Sounds like our alliance would be a good fit for you. If you want to talk my line id is coug22
    dans Looking Commentaire de Coug21 juillet 2020
  • Did you find a place Stewburner? We run 5x5. Clear 100% every time. About 238mil weekly AQ score. AW optional. coug22 on line if you’re interested.
    dans LF Map 5 Optional AW Commentaire de Coug21 juin 2020
  • We run 5x5. May consider adding in some map 6. We clear every time. Hitting about 230mil in Aq score. AW is optional. Let me know if you’re interested. Plus we could maybe make room for both accounts as well. Line id is coug22
  • Hey man. Did you find anything yet? We run 5x5. About 225-230mil AQ score. We clear every time. AW is optional. We run 1 bg for AW as first come first serve. Line ID: Coug22. Let me know if you’re interested.
  • Forgot to add contact Coug22 on line
  • We run 5x5. 200mil+ weekly AQ. Hit me up on line. Line id is Coug22
  • Probably Gold 1 tier 5-7 if you want to have fun and reap rewards but not get burned out or feel pressured in AW. I recently left platinum 4, tier 5 because it just wasn’t as fun for me. I know you’re not looking for invites but if you want to ease back into things we have room and we run 5x5 with optional AW. We’re only…