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  • I like the upgrade crystal I would like it every week 1 cav every 2 weeks is 1000% better than 1gmc every week. 1 cav every week would be awesome upgrade 1 cav every day would be super awesome upgrade I guess it’s all perspective
  • I did it twice but the shards do not show up, it does cost energy, so I’m gonna just hold off until they fix it.
  • @Savage nice work using imiw. I also like him a lot and feel he is underrated. I will say I have 100% the abyss and all my teams started with AEgon, second was torch. My first run I used SS (I didn’t have doom) he did ok. But doom was about a 300% upgrade once I got him ans I used him for the remaining 4 paths also. To…
  • Everyone the change has not happened yet! For all those saying they ranked MS specifically for the champion fight and they are outraged..... go fight the champion and clear the content. He is the only reason you ranked MS then you have nothing to be upset about when they fix the bug. Side note: MS is a fantastic rank 5…
  • 10 months is a good chunk of time to leave a bug active. Must have been a little tricky to fix or low on their priority. Especially for one regarding the champion fight. Hopefully everyone who ranked her up for the champion fight specifically actually fought the champion with her :) and has nothing to worry about. It would…
  • I cleared my first run through abyss with the AEgon heavy bug (no cool down) that was very nice! I am not sure if this is a bug (variant 4 thing removes unblockable with special 2) makes that Deadpool a cake walk! Nowhere in his description does it say he should be able to do that. I have a rank 5 MS but actually used SS /…
  • I agree with OP its not fun. I have 100% of act 6 1-3 but 6.2 was by far the least fun and hardest content. especially the last two that required 4 of a rarity. took away a lot of synergies and specific counters to champs or nodes i would normally use. I did not rank anyone up past rank 3 so that also made the fights long…
  • Not a gate or requirement but a reward
  • My guess is if you 100% you get a legends title
  • Void! A good incinerate immune champ will help you for that mephisto boss in 5.4
  • Congrats man! looks like i wasnt far off.
  • WOW!! 3:10 didn't make the cut. Very disappointing. I had fairly good connections throughout only had a couple times that the game lost connection.
  • Congrats
  • 3:10 with Corvus
  • Yea Im ready to see the results. First 2 attempts I did not make it. (fingers crossed this time)
  • Agree. Alliance is way to go for progression. Its hard to hear about 5* being hard to get. They are the easiest they have ever been in the history of the game. that said I feel your pain lots of 5* I will never use other than for arena grind. Hope your luck improves
  • Annihilus was prob unstoppable. And im not sure since I failed each attempt to properly dex his special 2... so I was just KOd after (Kang that is)
    dans Seriously???? Commentaire de DarthHaas novembre 2019
  • Yes I am for sure. I did not have a great havoc counter prior to this buff. Now I have a solid one. I also found that he really only needs OR on the team so that gives some flexibility with other team members. Also doesnt hurt that Omega is god tier! so no wasted roster space Took mine to rank 4 with a variant gem so great…
  • So KG will give you boost on war defense. Not the best defender but not bad either. Luke Cage is amazing. Yes his dupe is icing on the cake but still very useful. I run mine rank 4 5* all the time. (Unlock despair mastery for extra utility) And Captain America is also very solid. You can take a pretty good beating with his…
  • @Hellow Thanks! makes sense now!
    dans Rulk Commentaire de DarthHaas novembre 2019
  • Yea I noticed the same. Sometimes the aura would activate and sometimes it would not. I just had to pay extra attention to make sure it wasnt up. I paid for it a couple times though trying to keep track.
  • That is strange that they made it physical and not energy damage. It even shows in red like energy damage usually does. I guess it would not effect his damage output to much just depends on resistance certain champs have to what damage (physical vs energy)
    dans Rulk Commentaire de DarthHaas novembre 2019