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  • These data charts are really good stuff. Whether I like the changes or not, at least I understand why you're making all the changes that you are.
  • Well this thread has been completely overrun by people complaining about the semantics of other people. Which is a shame, because this is actually an issue. Doesn't matter what you call it. It's an issue that was fixed months ago and now it's back. What gets me is that it's been a month, there have been several threads…
  • Champions are losing their block in the middle of Domino's two hit medium attack. This problem was fixed in an update several months back, and worked fine for a while, but now it's happening again. Can this be added to the list of known 23.0 issues?
  • We all agree that there's dozens of champs that are currently useless in the game at about any level, but it wouldn't be feasible to update 15 champs all at once. I'm happy that old, non viable champs are being addressed. I'd say Colossus out of that list. He has essentially no usefulness for any level of play. Bleed…
  • 5 of those I recently duped my 5* versions, so sounds great!
  • I feel like this is probably connected to sentinel recovering too quickly after his l1. It seems like the recovery time for the ai in general is much lower than it was
  • The A.I. is responding much faster in general. Their recovery from being hit or blocking is faster, they're able to charge in faster after being knocked down, and you better be crazy fast to try a backdash intercept
  • I agree. With all the new defenders, like Korg, Medusa, imiw, etc, blade isn't as dominant as he used to be. Still good, of course, but no longer a must-have for awa
  • Yes actually. It's the aspect of evolution, as mentioned above. So the chance of masochism triggering is above 100%, so st doesn't reduce it all the way to 0%
  • It was against blade, he had less than a bar of power. The other nodes are cornered and aspect of evolution
  • End of aw, and a very close one, 4/55 dorm boss. Used boosts, healed up, go to fight and one-shot him! All for the game to crash during the victory animation. Kicking me off and making all of my item use and my fight for naught. I have been a pretty major supporter of Kabam and this game amidst so many friends abandoning…
  • I'm having the same issue as you guys. Error upon launching the app, then that download screen appears almost anytime I press anything. I also have an Android. It's happening both on cellular data and wifi.
    dans Error on app launch Commentaire de Fitzhue août 2017