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  • Agree! I am the same with Fury and Kitty. Don’t have Doom as 6*, but if I did, he’d be ranked up there with 5* and 6* Kitty and Fury. Few champs are worthy of maxing out even if have as both star versions.
  • If you can do both, do that. Yes, awakened - Kitty becomes even that much better - and she’s already great unawakened. I think Kitty, Nick, and couple others are worthy of max rank if have both 5* and 6* versions.
  • Masacre is awesome. Just pulled him as 5* (only had him as 3*) and ranked him up right away to r3. His awakening ability helps, but don’t really need it per se. Like Yodabolt mentioned - get that bat on fire and it’s over. Watching that sp2 into block damage is insane and satisfying. Tbh - even if slip up and throw it not…
    dans Masacre tips Commentaire de Iron_J3 janvier 2023
  • Yes. Rank Corvus up. Corvus will help you tons through Act 5. Don’t hope or bank on getting awesome 5* pulls at first. A few people might get lucky. Not me. My 1st ~15 pulls were very bad and it’s same with 6*. Thus, my 4* have helped a ton and always will in the arena (since Kabam has this brilliant idea not allowing 4*…
  • Ms. Katherine Pryde!!! Take time to learn her. You won’t regret it. I was in your shoes. Once I learned her, it’s great times. She’s so damn good and fun. But, if try and don’t like the play style, she can still be helpful. AA, Domino, Havok and Apoc are great too.
  • Odin and Apoc are legit. G99 is too. Those are solid 6 stars. Got some good 5* as well. Just try to awaken Blade.
    dans Team advice Commentaire de Iron_J3 janvier 2023
  • Totally! If NF is awakened, it will be fun times. Careful of Maestro sp1. His sp2 is better to have him throw and dodge it. Doom always will put in work and for his power control mechanics.
  • Why? Because I find that ability fairly useful so I should “stop” because it is not the same as your opinion.
  • Random take - I recently got 6* Stealthy. His 1st preflight ability selector is underrated. Is it the best? Nope. But, when done right, he can control power very well if needed with that preflight ability.
  • Nicholas J Fury, then Ms. Katherine Pryde, then CGR.
  • Miles - because he’s underrated, evade ability and JoeFixit isn’t really useful compared to Miles.
  • Well, I just pulled Storm X and she’s super fun to play. She has some insane damage.
  • Late to this as scrolling about Storm X. Just pulled her as one my first 6 stars. Holy smokes. With all the God Tier Mutants she deserves to be up there. She’s not the best, but her damage is pretty insane. That sp2 - sheesh!!! Damage!!!
  • Holy ****!!! That’s incredible choices!!! It’s never bad having a great champ maxed as 5* and then same champ high ranked as 6*. Doom doesn’t really need dupe, helps little. I’d maybe go Apoc then awaken QS (if use him).
  • Ms. Katherine Pryde!!!
  • Man, I have such soft spot for IMIW. I’d be in minority and awaken him. I guess we like who we like. Gorr is good too.
    dans 6 Star Nexus Help Commentaire de Iron_J3 janvier 2023
  • HT and then Tigra. She needs awakened ability and fairly decent sig level, but she’s still good and fun (if use right). When I use my 5*, I don’t use her right all the time, but she’s still good. Plus, I have Kitty awakened 5* maxed and that synergy with Tigra is insanely good!
  • AA - no question.
    dans Whom to Awaken? Commentaire de Iron_J3 janvier 2023
  • I’d go CGR. There’s nothing wrong having awesome and same champ maxed out and / or ranked high in every star level. For example, I have Fury duped and maxed as 3*, 4*, 6* that is r2, and 5* at r3/45 and not duped. Soon as dupe him as 5*, he’s going right up to r5. At least, this is my opinion. Waste of resources? Not if…
    dans Decision Commentaire de Iron_J3 janvier 2023
  • Rags. Or, wait for perhaps Fury, Herc?
  • That’s lots of good champs. Let’s go crazy and ole school and slap that bad boy on Star-Lord 😉 Seriously though, I’d go Starky/Spidey 99 (very biased though on both so not objective at all). Mags, WL, Hulking, AA, Val, BWDO, Blade, iHulk, Ghost…
  • Personal opinion - Fury is easily 1st choice, then Kitty, then Herc. I love Kitty play style, taking zero damage from anything, with Tigra synergy she basically is immortal if use her right. I can’t deny Herc is good, I just prefer Nick and Katherine over Herc.
  • Rags (if it has any metal, they’re toast) Stealthy (I’m very biased though with him, he’s my fav champ) Venom (same as Stealthy reason) Voodoo (same as Stealthy reason) Medusa (same as Stealthy reason) CAIW (needs dupe though, so hold off) Dragon (maybe if like play style, he’s not a personal fav) Basically, my list is…
    dans Who to Rank 5? Commentaire de Iron_J3 janvier 2023
  • Little late to this and stumbled upon it. I love Sigil Witch. I love both SW’s. OG SW is still a beast. She’s not pre 12.0, of course. But, my 5/3/45/sig45 does tons. Only have Sigil as maxed 4* and she is super fun and awesome. Hoping to get Sigil as 5 or 6.
  • I’m learning relics too. They confuse me lmao.
    dans Act 5.2.6 help! Commentaire de Iron_J3 janvier 2023
  • That’s good pull. I recently got him as 5* then duped him day later. I like him. The unstoppable heavy is great. If there’s opponent with metal - Rags just shreds them.
  • I actually just beat this yesterday. My Starky 4/5/50, Stealthy 6/1/25, Fury (duped) 5/3/45, Kitty (duped) 5/3/45, SW (duped) 4/5/50, and Doom (duped) 4/5/50 were my MVP’s for most of 5.2. Starky evaded all of Collectors Special Attacks. It really wasn’t as hard as thought would be. It wasn’t easy, but you got some good…
    dans Act 5.2.6 help! Commentaire de Iron_J3 janvier 2023
  • All good. On Ronin, yeah, he’s little squishy, but still really like him. Kinda like BW DO, super fun to play with, but lower overall health.