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  • It ain't the classic Vulture. It's based on the MCU character and MCU has no sinister six, or not yet. Character Tags are based on what or how they are from where they are derived.
  • This discussion is specifically for the Nick Fury event. Why incorporate EQ, AW AQ? He's basically talking about those champs unusable for this event alone.
  • I think having 2 Captain Marvels has something to do with the movie's story. I'm theorizing there will be 2 Captain Marvel in the movie and one of them is a skrull. In "Captain America: The Winter Soldier", Nick Fury said to cap: "Last time I trusted someone I lost an eye". I guess Nick Fury is talking about the skrull…
  • yup duped vulture. I figured they have a lot to fix on Sinister so after that I never used my Vulture against him. Used red skull instead
  • Hi I need an explanation on this. I brought my Vulture as I thought he would be a good counter for Sinister - Dash back to incinerate Sinister and allow him to transfer the incinerate debuff because I thought Vulture would just convert it to chitauri energy, but I got the incinerate debuff and acquired the full damage in a…
  • Does it have to do with the upcoming Act 6? There was a recent in game mail about some changes coming to the battlerealm with the collector's pic as if the message came from him. I ain't sure though if that was the source of bug
    dans 5 Star Collector Commentaire de JCBR février 2019
  • Not for me, it just means health regen if your opponent has the willpower mastery
  • I'm sorry. Future Foundation I mean
  • My favorite superhero as I grew up is Spider-Man so I would like to see the white suite Fantastic Foundation Spider-Man in the game
  • I hope Feb update will give us a champ who can effectively counter Thing.
  • I don't think the Disney-Fox deal has something to do with the FF being in the game. Kabam was able to add some of the x-men and Fox owns the rights to those characters. Also, how would silver surfer be an exception, he is a FF character so it means Fox owns him
    dans Beacon?? Commentaire de JCBR janvier 2019
  • In my opinion, Kabam should focus on adding characters that have appeared on MCU instead of adding those that are in the comics but haven't appeared in movies yet. Here are the reasons why 1. I'm sure a lot of players haven't read the comics and can relate more to the MCU and the characters in it 2. Players are craving to…