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  • Probably cuz we capitalized god, I don't read when I type. I typically just roll with the autocorrect.
  • We have gone off topic, I stated my opinion about SL primarily since I agreed SpicyKnights original post. I just didn't agree with his view of SL. It is personal preference since I probably give utility a higher degree of importance, followed by sustainability and damage output.
  • Useless was an overexaggeration, for that you are right. I think there are much better options to spend t2a on than Starlord, he isn't a must have like he used to be. When next LOL 2.0 comes out his worth may go up again but till then he is overrated.
  • The God tier is slowly getting watered down anyway. With the current metta, no champion is going to allow you steamroll through all modes like they did with God tiers of pre 12.0 or blade when mystic war was a thing. LOL is a one time thing once you are done it is over, rating SL primarily cuz of his benefit for LOL is…
  • Not even a close comparison, it would be like saying takeaway Jordan's jump shot and he is useless. LOL is a small portion of the game not the whole game. SL is not required for LOL, if you want to 100% LOL a r4 SL isn't always going to be your best option. Now if you r5 him which is a waste of t5b, imo, then he will help…
  • SL is the reigning king of overrated champs. Take away ROL/LOL and he is useless for most content. Without sustainability or utility there are much better options than having him on your team.
  • I ranked him to 4 today, like others said paired with Killmonger his is great and he makes Killmonger much better also.
  • I don't understand why people make such a big deal about war anyways, I have played in plat2 and plat3. When you breakdown the rewards by a per war basis, the difference between rewards from one tier to the next aren't that appealing. I didn't like the culture of alliances pushing in war for such nominal rewards and went…
  • There is also downside to freezing war rating. A team can tank last few wars in a season (if they are safe in their target tier) so that they have favorable matchups in off-season and get 6 easy wins against weaker alliances. Complaining about the current state and sticking with the "honorable" way is just prideful, war is…
  • I It wont matter anymore if it is a block break or drop of the block by the player, should be fixed either way in v20 so you cant drop block, voluntarily or involuntarily.
    dans Domino Commentaire de JamesM septembre 2018
  • It is rare that you can't evade her sp1, it is a slow special such that your unlucky passive probably will be worn off by the time the projectile can be evaded. You have to fight her carefully and be aware when you are unlucky or when she is lucky, if you do that she is manageable and not OP. Critical isn't that bad since…
    dans Domino Commentaire de JamesM septembre 2018
  • I agree with your first 3 points, except 10 energy in AQ and war would be overkill. 7 should be Max and 6 could be the sweet spot. I think 4 is inconsequential and duels aren't meant to be highly rewarded but to be used for practice against certain champs.
  • I think the dropping of the block is inconsistent with other double hit champs. Based purely on that, I don't think we should be able to drop block between that 1st and 2nd hit. I have noticed it is very sensitive to evading between them, most of the time I don't have an issue but if I move my finger just slightly, I will…
    dans Domino Commentaire de JamesM septembre 2018
  • I think it is an interesting idea, just like defender diversity trying maximize it without losing kills is a balance and alliances could err on either side.
  • Void, Killmonger and WS is also a very nice trinity. I run with that in war over Blade, GR and Stark.
    dans Best Trinity Commentaire de JamesM août 2018
  • Unlike Iceman and magik her damage doesn't increase based on attack bonus. They should have done this from the beginning with unavoidable damage. Domino is a better attacker than defender for the long run. Once people get used to her she won't be nearly as effective. Her unlucky and lucky can be tricky and of course the…
    dans Domino Commentaire de JamesM août 2018
  • It used to be they gave plenty of time between good defenders but it seems every other champ released is a great defender that forces you to change the way you play. I guess kabaam expects us to constant train to learn these new defenders.
  • Just so your opinion has any validity, explain which node, what map difficulty you faced Korg in war and what rank he was. A duel is not a good comparison.
  • I agree that people need to get away with just one attack team, to some extent. However is it the expectation to rank up a champ every month to counter a new defender. That is what jabam wants, entice people to get the next great defender which forces people to get the next great counter to said defender.
  • You guys are mentioning a bunch of champs that won't be useful for many foights or nodes. With how war is you have to have specific immunities or champs to counter other difficult defenders. If they keep releasing defenders like korg, you will need a team more than 3 just to be able have a counter for every champ. Those…
  • Well said kinky
  • Preventing someone from making a bad long term decision isn't negativity. If anything encouraging someone to do something that will stifle their progression is the real issue. It is a bad idea ranking a champ that has no offensive use and is only a mediocre defender at best. In lower tiers he may still get the occasional…
  • You will absolutely regret ranking him.
  • Void with avenger synergy is my favorite, if void has a high signagure ability you can get the intimidating presence every 6 seconds (5* signature 200) plus 2x attack bonus while fear of the void is active (starts with FOTV with the avenger synergy. The non contact damage will kill him alone, you just have to make sure not…
    dans Counters to imiw Commentaire de JamesM août 2018
  • You really don't get it a medium hit would also get you autoblocked
    dans Counters to imiw Commentaire de JamesM août 2018
  • Yondu alsoes loses out on his bleed, he doesn't apply armor break since IMIW isn't bleed immune. He isn't a good counter at all.
    dans Counters to imiw Commentaire de JamesM août 2018
  • Yondu attacks with yaka arrows on the first and 3rd consecutive light attack so you would be autoblocked on the second light attack.
    dans Counters to imiw Commentaire de JamesM août 2018
  • Using Medusa as an example is wrong. Medusa only autoblocks on second hit. Yondu only bypasses autoblocks with arrows, a typical combo is ML. The first light hit in a Combo is an arrow thus he can avoid medusa' autoblock. IMIW has a different autoblock mechanic not an apples to apples comparison
    dans Counters to imiw Commentaire de JamesM août 2018
  • He doesn't pass autoblock, however his arrows bypass autoblock which works with Medusa because his 2nd hit is an arrow on mLxxx combo. He wouldn't work against imiw since it isn't specific to a certain hit on the combo meter
    dans Counters to imiw Commentaire de JamesM août 2018